How Many Coupons Can I Use On 1 Item?

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The following question comes from Karen :

Can i use more than one coupon for an item?

Example : I have one coupon from computer and then one from paper..can I use both for the same item? they have different bar code numbers on them if that helps

thanks so much


Hi Karen!

As long as both coupons are both manufacturers coupons, you can only use 1 of the coupons on each product. It doesn’t matter that one came from an insert or magazine and the other is a coupon from the Sunday inserts.  If they are both manufacturers coupons, you are limited to 1 coupon per item.

The only exception would be if it is a store coupon and your store allows you to stack a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon (most stores that release store coupons WILL allow you to stack the coupons).

Walgreens has a monthly coupon book of store coupons that can be stacked; Target and CVS frequently have store coupons on their website and apps that can be stacked as well. Store coupons typically have a very different “look” to them than manufacturers coupons.  They usually have shorter barcodes and do not have the 15 lines of “legal lingo” that a manufacturers coupon has.

Don’t worry – if you have a problem figuring out the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon, almost every store has systems in place that will prevent their registers from accepting more than 1 manufacturers coupon per item.

Of course, the best way to keep track of the best coupon deals (and opportunities for stacking coupons) is to follow my weekly grocery coupon matchups posts.  You can also find the deals for almost every grocery and drug store nationwide simply by using the Favado app on your smartphone. You can even see all the available coupons for each deal, make your list and email your list to yourself!

Hope this helps Karen!

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