Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Recipe | Easy 1 Pot Dinner!

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta recipe

As much as I like to cook my family the healthiest meal possible, sometimes I just have to give them what they want and this Pepperoni Pizza Pasta recipe is one of our “compromise dinners”. My husband and boys really DO like Hamburger Helper (yes – the boxed ones where the sauce is a powder) and I have been trying not to buy that (even though you can usually find coupons to make it cheap!), so we have come up with this version (I’m still working on coming up with a viable version of the cheeseburger macaroni one)

I usually will serve this with a salad so that they can at least get SOME vegetables in them (my wedge salad with homemade blue cheese dressing is their favorite – we just skip the bacon crumbles). I prefer this with less pepperoni (but I am not a big fan of pepperoni anyway), but this is how the rest of my family likes it!

Like my easy beef enchiladas recipe, this pepperoni pizza pasta is also very freezer-friendly.  Simply make a double or triple batch, serve one for dinner tonight and freeze the remaining 2 for another night (just skip the broiling part of the recipe for those 2 until the night you actually cook them)!

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CVS, Rite Aid + Walgreens Deals Updated | Week of April 19, 2015

drug store deals

The complete coupon matchups for Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens have been updated for the week of April 19, 2015! This should give you plenty of time to plan your trip on Sunday! Don’t forget that you can also access all of these deals through your smartphone using the free Favado app! Complete list of […]

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How To Green Your Laundry Routine

How to Green Your Laundry Routine and Save Money

Laundry is one of the biggest ways we impact our environment. There are chemicals leached into our water supplies that are potentially damaging, running the machines themselves are often huge drains on our energy resources and the amount that we do each week really can make this all add up. If you are trying to […]

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Baked S’Mores Cups Recipe

Baked SMores Cups

Most people that I know absolutely love S’mores but not everyone can have a fire in their back yard to make them and toasting marshmallows over a gas grill or burner on your stove just isn’t the same. These Baked S’Mores Cups can be just the right solution for when you are having a craving for […]

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Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe

chocolate covered bacon recipe

Of all the things that I never thought I would like, this chocolate covered bacon recipe is the one that surprised me the most. I love chocolate and I like bacon, but I never thought that they went together that well. The secret to making chocolate covered bacon come out right is getting the bacon […]

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The Healing Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Healing Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and is a tall, evergreen tree with long thin leaves that are chalk full of healing properties. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is derived from these leaves and is highly concentrated, meaning a little bit goes a long way. The healing benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil are well-known and documented making this one essential […]

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Sunday Coupon Insert Sneak Peek | April 19, 2015 Preview

coupon database

There is 1 confirmed Coupon Inserts in the paper this weekend (April 19, 2015)… a SmartSource insert. You can check it out on my Coupon Insert Preview page! Looking for the coupons that came out in recent weeks? Be sure to check out my coupon database for all the current non-expired insert and printable coupons! Don’t forget […]

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Build A Tornado Emergency Kit

Build a Tornado Emergency Kit

Spring is here which means playing outside, getting the garden ready and unfortunately, tornadoes. While no one ever wants to think about a natural disaster striking their community, much less their home, it’s important to be be prepared with a plan of action and an emergency kit. Here is a list of items that you should make […]

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Grocery Deals Updated | Week of April 12, 2015

grocery store deals

Just a reminder to check the grocery store store deals and matchups pages for the latest updates! There are plenty of sales cycles that start on Sunday! Most of the sales have already been updated or will be updated in the next day! Make sure that you check out, SmartSource and RedPlum for any […]

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