Walgreens August 2014 Instant Value Coupon Book

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The new Walgreens Coupon Book should be showing up in your stores! They can usually be found right by the front door of your store in the same racks as the copies of the weekly circular. The August 2014 Walgreens Coupons will be valid from July 27, 2014 through August 30, 2014. As a reminder, these coupons can all be stacked with manufacturers coupons for even greater savings!

The August 2014 Walgreens coupons are:

$2/1 A+D Diaper Rash Cream or Original Ointment or Diaper Rash Ointment
$1/1 Advil Pain Relief or ThermaCare Heat Wraps
$1/1 AfterBite Plus
$3/1 Alavert 24-HR Allergy Relief
$1/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold, Cough, or Flu Relief
$2/1 Allation Lubricant for Couples or Personal Lubricant
$5/1 Allegra 24 HR Allergy Relief
$3/1 Almay Face Cosmetics
$3/1 Anacin Pain Reliever
$0.50/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue
$1/2 Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste
$3/1 At Home Drug Test
$1/1 AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health, Urinary Pain Relief, or Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips
$1/1 Azo Urinary Pain Relief, Cranberry Urinary Tract Health or Test Strips Urinary Tract Infection Test
$1/2 Baby Magic Baby Care Product
$1/1 Balance Financial Prepaid MasterCard Purchase
$1/1 Benadryl Children’s Allergy Relief or Benadryl
$2/1 Bio-Oil Skin Care
$1/1 Blink Eye Drops., or Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, or Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops or RevitaLens Multipurpose Solution
$2/1 Breathe Right Extra or Extra Clear Nasal Strips
$2/1 Brita Pitcher or Replacement Filter
$1/1 Caltrate, Centrum Multivitamins, ProNutrients Omega-3, Heart, Energy, Immune or Prenatal Specialist, or Flavor Burst
$2/1 CapriClear 100% Coconut Oil Spray
$1/2 Chapstick Lip Care or Advil Pain Reliever
$2/1 Citrucel Fiber Product
$5/1 Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit
$2/1 Clean & Clear Facial Skin Care Item
$2/1 Clear Eyes Eye Drops
$1/1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
$3/1 Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen
23% off Contact Lenses
$1/1 Cottonelle CleanCare or ComfortCare Bathroom Tissue
$1/1 Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths
$2/2 Dasani Sparkling Water
$5/1 DerMend Moisturizing Bruise Formula Cream
$1/2 Dove Minis
$2/1 Dr. Scholl’s Insoles, Inserts or Rub Relief Item
$1/1 Emergen-C
$2/1 Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
$5/1 Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
$6/1 Florastor Probiotic
$1/1 Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Card Fee
$5/1 H2O+ Luxury Bath and Body Care
$2/1 Huggies Little Swimmers
$4/1 Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit
$3/1 Kelo-cote Scar Gel
$2/1 Kerasal Pain Relieving Foot Cream
$2/1 L’Oreal Studio Gel
$2/1 Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements
$2/1 Lamisil Antifungal Spray or Cream
$3/1 Legatrin PM Pain Reliever / Sleep Aid
$2/1 LifeStyles Amuze His & Hers Pleasure Massagers
$5/1 LifeStyles Condoms
$15/1 LifeTrak Zone Activity Tracker
$2/1 Little Remedies Gas Relief or Yummy Fiber Gummies
$3/1 Lotrimin Cream, Powder, Spray
$1/2 Mars M&M’s
$1/1 Maxwell House Instant Coffee
$0.50/1 Mead Envelopes
$3/1 Mederma PM Instensive Overnight Scar Cream or Mederma Scar Gel or Cream
$2/1 Midol Menstrual Pain Relief
$3/1 Multi-betic Diabetes Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
$1/1 Nestea Lemon Flavor Enhancer
$0.25/1 Nestle Toll House Cookie Sandwich, Drumstick, Haagen-Dazs Bar, or Edy’s or Dreyer’s Dibs
$2/1 Neutrogena Men Shaving Facial Cleansers or Moisturizers
$2/1 Nexium 24HR Acid Reducer
$5/1 Nova Bath and Shower Seat
$10/1 NutriDiet Dietary Supplement
$10/1 Ocean Blue Dietary Supplement
$1/1 Off! Familycare Bite and Itch Relief Pen
$1/1 Off! Insect Control, Candle Bucket, Clip-on Starter Compact or Refills
$5/1 OneTouch Delica Lancets
$4/1 OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips
$10/1 OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitor
$2/1 Opti-Free RepleniSH, Express or PureMoist Multipurpose Solution, or Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution
$5/1 Oxytrol for Women Overactive Bladder Patch
$2/1 Percogesic Pain Reliever
$2/1 Phazyme Anti-Gas
$2/1 Poise Hourglass Pads
$2/1 Profoot Insoles or Foot Care Item
$1/1 Purell Hand Sanitizer or Refill
$1/1 Raid Product Insect Control
$1/1 Revlon Eye Cosmetics or Contour Shadow Brush
$1/1 Revlon Lip Cosmetics
$3/2 Revlon Nail Color, Care or Appliques
$3/1 Revlon Pedi-Expert Pedicure Kit
$1/1 Robitussin, Dimetapp, Advil Congestion Relief Junior Strength, Infant or Children’s Fever Reducer
$3/1 Safecare AsthmaCare
$1/1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Treatment
$3/1 ScarAway Long Silicone Scar Sheets
$2/1 Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue
$1/1 Scott Naturals Paper Towels
$1.50/2 Sensodyne Toothpaste or Fluoride Rinse
$1/1 Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Cones, Vanilla Sandwiches, or Nestle Lil’ Drums
$0.50/1 Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover or Pads
$1/1 Sunny Smile Bathroom Tissue or Paper Towels
15% off Sunscreen
$2/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops or Twin Pack
$10/1 Virgin Mobile Prepaid Cellphone Samsung Entro
$1/1 Viva Paper Towels
$4/1 Wal-Fex 24 Hour Allergy Relief
$5/1 Wal-itin or Wal-Zyr Allergy Relief
$3/1 Wal-Mucil Powder
$3/1 Wal-Zan 150 Acid Reducer
$3/1 Walgreens Acid Controller
$3/1 Walgreens Anti-Diarrheal Product
$2/1 Walgreens Antibacterial Assortment Adhesive Bandages
$10/1 Walgreens Blood Pressure Monitor
$1/1 Walgreens Chocolated Laxative
$2/1 Walgreens Cimetidine 200 Acid Reducer
$3/1 Walgreens Clear Soluble Fiber Powder
$2/1 Walgreens Daily Fiber and Probiotic
$3/1 Walgreens Diabetic MedicaliD Bracelet
$5/1 Walgreens Diabetic Nutritional Shakes
$3/1 Walgreens Gentle Laxative
$5/1 Walgreens International PhoneCard Plus
$2/1 Walgreens Mucus Relief
$1/2 Walgreens Nutritional Shake
$3/1 Walgreens Pre-Moistened Wash Gloves
$5/1 Walgreens Prenatal + DHA Dietary Supplement Daily System
$2/1 Walgreens Probiotic
$10/1 Walgreens Pulse Oximeter
$4/1 Walgreens Senna Tablets
$2/1 Walgreens SmoothLAX
$1/1 Walgreens Soothe Upset Stomach Reliever/Antidiarrheal
$3/1 Walgreens Stool Softener
$3/1 Well Beginnings Advantage Infant Formula or Premium Milk-Based Infant Formula
$5/1 Zostrix Diabetic Foot Pain Relief, Neuropathy or Joint & Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

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Rite Aid Video Values Coupons | August 2014

Want a sneak peek at the August 2014 Rite Aid Video Values coupons? The following coupons will be available to start watching on Sunday, July 27, 2014 through August 30, 2014. All coupons will expire September 13, 2014.

Don’t forget to check out the complete list of Rite Aid deals and pair these coupons with sales for maximum savings!

The August 2014 Coupons are:

  • $1/2 Air Wick Air Freshener
  • $2/1 Airborne Product
  • $2/1 Almay Eye Products, Mascara, Liners & Shadows
  • $1/2 Art Skills Glitter Product
  • $1.25/1 Avery Product EZD View Binders
  • $1/2 Bazooka or Topps Product
  • $1/1 Berocca Diet Product
  • $10/1 Biota Serum
  • $3/1 Biota Shampoo
  • $3/1 Boost Original or Calorie Smart
  • $6/1 Boost Original or Chocolate
  • $4/1 Boost Plus or Boost High Protein
  • $2/1 Brookside Club Pouch
  • $1.50/1 Claritin Children’s Non-Drowsy
  • $1/1 Colgate Slim Soft Floss-Tip Bristles Toothbrush
  • $1/1 Command Product
  • $10/1 Conair Hair Dryer or Conair Styler
  • $2/1 Conair or Scunci Tool or Fashion Item
  • $1/1 Cottonelle Product
  • $1/1 CoverGirl Bombshell Intense Eyeliner or Mascara
  • $1/2 Crayola Washable Markers
  • $1.50/1 Crest 3D White Luxe Toothpaste
  • $3/1 Curls Unleashed Product
  • $1/1 Dove Anti-Perspirant or Deodorant
  • $1/4 Dove, Snickers, M&M’s, Twix, 3 Musketeers, or Milky Way Brand Single Candy Bars
  • $1.50/2 Duck Brand Duct Tape or Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape
  • $1/1 Durex Family Planning Product
  • $1/2 Elmer’s Product
  • $3/1 Enfamil Expecta Prenatal Dietary Supplement
  • $3/2 Ensure Product
  • $1/2 Finish Product
  • FREE FlavoRX Flavoring for Children’s Liquid Medication
  • $0.40/1 Friskies Dry Cat Food
  • $1/1 Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner
  • $2/1 GE Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • $2/$8 GUM Soft Picks, GUM Proxabrush, Go-Betweens Cleaners, or GUM Flossers
  • $5/1 Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker
  • $1/2 Hershey’s Chocolate Bags
  • $0.50/1 Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
  • $1/4 Hershey’s Snacks
  • $5/1 Hewlett Packard Photo Card Pack
  • $4/1 John Frieda Foam Color
  • $4/1 John Frieda Glosser
  • $5/1 Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance
  • $1/2 Krazy Glue
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare or Styling Product
  • $3/1 L’Oreal Age Perfect Renewal Product
  • $2/1 L’Oreal Eye Liner
  • $2/1 L’Oreal Mascara
  • $3/1 L’Oreal Shade Preference Mousse Absolue
  • $5/1 Luster Whitening Kit
  • $1/2 Lysol Cleaning Product
  • $2/2 Maybelline New York Eye Products or Garnier Hair Style Product
  • $2/1 MegaRed, MoveFree, or Glucosamine Product
  • $1/2 Mini Peeps
  • $3/1 Mucinex Allergy Product
  • $1/1 Nature Made Fish Oil
  • $1/1 Nature Made Vitamin B
  • $1/4 Nestle Girl Scout Candy Bar
  • $2/1 Neutrogena Shine Control Makeup
  • $3/1 Nexxus Hair Care Product
  • $3/1 Ocuvite or Preservision Product
  • $1.50/1 Olay Fresh Effects Product
  • $2/1 Poligrip or Polident Product
  • $1/1 Prestige Eye Liner Pencils, Eye Shadows, Eye Brow Product
  • $1.50/3 Purell or Jelly Wrap
  • $3/$5 Revlon Eye Cosmetics or Eye Beauty Tools
  • $1/1 Rimmel Eye Product
  • $0.50/1 Rite Aid Home Single Roll Paper Towels
  • $2/1 Shade Revlon Luxurious Buttercream Hair Color
  • $4/1 Simple Moisturizer
  • $2/1 Simple Wipe, Wash or Cleansers
  • $1/3 Sparkling ICE Water
  • $1/4 Stride Gum
  • $1/1 Tidy Cats Cat Litter
  • $3/1 Toni & Guy Hair Care Item
  • $0.75/2 Welch’s Grape Juice
  • $1/1 Wet n Wild Eye Product

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