Patriotic Jello Cups

Patriotic Jello Cups recipe

There is something about the summer that screams “Jello” to me. I do like Jello, but it seems that I never eat it when it is cold outside – only in warm weather. I’m sure there is some reason for it…eh – no biggie!

Anyway, as the saying goes “there’s always room for Jello” and if you have a party to attend this summer, you can wow your friends and family with these Patriotic Jello Cups! They taste great and are very easy to make (certainly they have fewer steps that my Rainbow Jello Squares recipe!)

You can top this with some homemade whipped cream, but that might mess up the look with the cherry stem poking out of the top. But I do still love the combo of Jello and whipped cream, so maybe serve some on the side?

These are made in shot glasses, so it is great for a crowd. I like to keep disposable shot glasses in the house for these kinds of desserts – makes clean-up so much easier.

“Layered Jello” treats are all over Pinterest (are you following me on Pinterest yet?), but I also see them all the time on those “Pinterest Fail” blogs, with the colors all running together. I think the mistake that most people make is that they try to rush everything. You can’t add another layer until the first layer is at least mostly firm. And even if that layer is firm, if you pour hot liquid on it, the colors are going to melt together. There isn’t much “active time” to making these Patriotic Jello Cups, but it does take time!

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