The Prettiest Tulips To Plant This Fall

The Prettiest Tulips to Plant this Fall

Fall bulb catalogs are popping up in mailboxes everywhere as gardeners decide what they want to plant this fall. There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to tulips – picking just a few is hard work!

Planning how you want your garden to look next spring goes into picking out the prettiest tulips to plant this fall season. If you are in a warmer area, make sure to give yourself time to cold storage them so they experience a winter before you plant them. In all other areas, you want to get them into the ground before the first frost hits your area.

Tulip Happy Generation – This tulip honestly looks like it has the red Canadian flag in the center of it. It is a white tulip with splotches of red and a yellow base. It is very unique and beautiful in how different it looks compared to other tulips.

Black Parrot Tulips – For one of the deepest, darkest tulips around, you gotta check out the Black Parrot Tulips. When you see Parrot in the name you know that the petals have a feathered look or irregular shaped petals that are breathtakingly beautiful. You can find parrot shaped petals in many different colors too.

Esperanto Tulip – This is a very rare tulip that only a couple bulb companies carry. It is hard to propagate so if you get your hands on these bulbs, consider yourself lucky and treat them well. The middle has a green flame shooting up from the base surrounding by various shades of pink and red. It is like nothing you have ever seen!

Tulip Lily – Tulip Lilies are tall, slender tulips that look quite elegant and are a perfect tulip to grow to use in a vase in the house. These tulips originated in the high mountain areas of Turkestan and did not start out as hybrids, which a lot of gardeners assumed. They are an excellent addition to plant this fall.

William of Orange Tulip – This beautiful orange tulip grows well in rock gardens. It has a light sweet scent, whereas most tulips do not have a scent. It also has a double bloom making it a quite stunning flower.

What are your favorite tulips to plant?

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