My 10 Day Juice Fast | Day 7 Update (Juicing While Sick)


Day 7 of my 10 Day Juice Fast was a rough one for me. Like many areas of the country, there is a nasty cold going around and I woke up feeling horrible. Brad and I have been giving each other the same cold over and over again since the fall, so I knew that it wasn’t because of my juicing…it was just my turn to be miserable. I decided to keep it simple today!



1 pineapple, 1 lb carrots – this made a TON of juice and was actually a little too sweet for me. I had way too much to drink myself, so I knew that I would be using the leftovers for lunch



leftover juice from breakfast, 1 romaine heart, 4 kale leaves

Dinner – I still was feeling yucky and had still had leftover juice from breakfast & lunch (I’m serious – I must have bought the World’s Juiciest Pineapple!), so I just finished that off and laid down on the sofa with a box of tissues, a glass of water and the remote control…..and was asleep for the night by 7:30pm!

Day 7 thoughts: I don’t know that anything was really different for me on Day 7. Had I not been juice fasting, I probably would have had no appetite anyway (due to being sick). I guess the best part of juicing while sick is that I got some vitamins and nutrients in me that I normally wouldn’t have (typically when I am sick, I hole up on the sofa with a box of Wheat Thins). That is probably why I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine!

I will be sharing with you my thoughts and what I drank during my my 10 Day Juice Fast and I hope that you find this info helpful!

Please note: nothing that I say in my posts can be considered medical advice. Check with your physician before starting any diet or exercise plan.

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