8 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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Summer is almost here! Summer is one my favorite times of the year, but some days are so hot they are miserable! Luckily, there are lots of ways to keep cool. But what about your pet? The heat can be dangerous and sometimes they seem more miserable in the heat than we humans do!

Here are some ways to keep your pup cool, happy and safe this summer!


Keeping your dog hydrated is SO important! Keep fresh water available for your dog indoors and outside. Add a few ice cubes to try and keep it nice and cool! If you go for a walk or take your dog to the park, be sure to bring a bottle of water for yourself and your dog!

If your dog likes to be out in the yard with you while the kids play or you do some gardening, make sure to put out a bowl of water for him too!

Groom Your Pets

If your pet has long fur (or a lot of it!) you might want to make a trip to the groomers! Keeping your pet groomed and giving them a nice haircut can help cool off your pet big time!  (Try grooming your pet at home! This grooming kit comes with everything you need, including a DVD instruction kit!).

Our dog is usually “supposed” to have longer hair, but we get him shaved pretty short in the summer.  He would be absolutely miserable outside if we didn’t!

Time Your Walks

Your pet still needs walks, even when it is hot! Just be sure to time your walks to be in the morning or evening. By changing the time that you take your pet out to the coolest time of day – overheating will become less of a threat.

If you take your dog out with you when y exercise, you may also want to change the intensity that you work out with your dogs. You can still (and should!) take the time to exercise, but on days that it is exceptionally hot…. just lighten up a little.

Watch The Paws

We have all run outside barefoot and cried out “ow, ow, ow, ow!” because it hurts our feet! Whether we were walking on sand at the beach, asphalt on the drive way or on our back deck, those surfaces are laid out basking in the sun all day. They get hot! The pads of dog’s feet are sensitive. Use a pair of dog shoes (Dog Pawz are great!) to help protect your dog’s feet (especially if you walk them on hot asphalt). You can also get a runner or outdoor rug to put on your porch or deck.

Dogs Cool Differently Than Humans

Dogs actually cool from the bottom up meaning the cool from their feet (see above!) and their bellies! Keep this in mind while you work to keep them cool! Your dog will love a cooling mat! You can get one on Amazon for relatively inexpensively. These are so wonderful for your dog! If you don’t want to invest in one just yet or if you aren’t sure if your dog will lay on it try wetting a towel and inviting your dog to lay on it.

And if nothing else, leave the door to the bathroom open if your house is warm. Every dog that we have ever had has loved to lie on the ceramic tile floor of our kitchen and bathrooms because that is much cooler than lying on carpeted or even hardwood flors!

Let Your Dog Play!

Dogs love to play! Keep your dogs busy this summer with some fun ways to play! You can fill a Kong toy and freeze it. Your dog will have fun and cool off at the same time! Dogs also love the water! Turn on the sprinkler for your dog or pick up an inexpensive kiddie pool. You can also get one of the plastic sandboxes and fill with water.

Provide Some Shade

Make sure that while your dog is outside that there is a shady place that they can go for some sun relief. (Heat rises from the ground so Quik Shade is one of my favorite products! They elevate your pet from the ground and provide shade!).

NEVER EVER Leave Them in a Parked Car

This should go without saying, but NEVER, EVER leave your pet in the car! Even if you park in the shade or crack the windows, the car retains heat. If you see someone who has left their pooch in a parked car on a hot day you should call the authorities.

Do you have any other tips to keep your dog cool this summer?