How Can I Find A List of the Sunday Coupon Inserts?

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The following question comes from Alice:

Where can I find a list of all the coupons that are inside the Redplum, Smart Source, & the P&G insert. I like to know before they come out so I know how many to buy. My local paper does not have the good coupons here in NC where I am so I get my daughter in Jacksonville, Fl to get them and mail them to me. She gets just the inserts for $1.50 each so I pay that and the postage which still is a good deal for me. I usually get from 4-8 sets of inserts!

Thanks Alice

Hi Alice!

The easiest way to find out what coupons will be in the newspaper each week is to check out my Coupon Insert Preview page.  Each week, usually on Tuesday, I update the lists for the upcoming Sunday. I also have a weekly Coupon Insert Preview (every Saturday morning) where I go through the sunday coupon inserts and list what I think are the best coupons of the week (and how many copies of the paper that I will be buying this week).

So Alice, the best answer to your question is that you can find all of that information right here on Moms Need To Know!

To make sure that you never miss a recipe, deal or coupon matchup, you can always subscribe to my FREE daily emails.  You can also simply bookmark my coupon insert preview page and make sure to check it each week (like I said, it is usually updated for the upcoming Sunday by Tuesday.)

Don’t forget to also check out my searchable Coupon Database for a listing of practically every coupon that is available at any given time.

Hope this helps!

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