TLC Extreme Couponing | My Comment To Angelique About Her Counterfeit Coupons

I am writing this post a few minutes after I posted it on Angelique’s post explaining her Extreme Couponing Haul. For obvious reasons, she has comments on moderation. If she approves my comment, I will be thrilled. If she doesn’t, I understand. Either way – I hope that she takes my comment to heart. And […]

TLC Extreme Couponing | More Counterfeit Coupons in The Season Premiere Last Night

If you heard several loud “AARRGGH!”s last night between 10:00pm and 11:00pm last night, that was me watching the season premiere of TLC’s Extreme Couponing. It seems that we are in for another season where TLC, the producers of Extreme Couponing as well as the couponers eager for their 15 minutes of fame don’t care […]

Counterfeit Huggies Coupon (and more about counterfeit coupons)


Every so often, there is a surge in counterfeit coupon creation, and it seems that we are deep in the middle of one. In the last 2 hours, I have heard about the above Huggies coupon (which is making the rounds of the Internets in .pdf form) AND had one of my Facebook friends post […]

Eating Groceries While Still In The Store?

Make sure you check out the rest of the Coupon and Shopping Ethics posts that I have posted! This could be a sticky question and I have a feeling that some of your answers are going to be based on where you live (urban or rural), how well you know the employees in your store, […]

Coupon Barcode Decoding: Yes or No? (and why?)

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote a post about Coupon Barcode Decoding. As many of you know, I tend to get rather passionate about Coupon Ethics and everything in me tells me that decoding barcodes (in order to use a higher value coupon for 1 product on a lower-priced item not listed in the coupon […]

Will TLC’s Extreme Couponing Mess It Up For The Rest of Us?

::UPDATE:  The link to the article about Jamie’s shopping trip is glitching.  Her site is getting SLAMMED with traffic as a result of her research.  Keep trying – you don’t want to miss this article! I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of you don’t spend all day, […]

TLC Extreme Couponing: It’s FAR From a Reality Show!

I have been stewing about this for a few hours (and doing a bit of ranting on Twitter), and it all comes down to one thing…. The TLC Extreme Couponing show (which premiered as a SERIES) is not reality. Let’s look at the facts: Tiffany from the show tonight (who is a total sweetheart and […]

Extreme Couponing on TLC

If you missed it last night, Extreme Couponing will again air on TLC on Tuesday January 4, 2011 at 10:00pm (EST) and 1:00am EST on Wednesday January 5, 2011. Did you happen to watch Extreme Couponing on TLC last night? I did and I have mixed thoughts on it. On one hand, I am concerned […]

Doritos Coupon: Please don’t try it!

I have received about 10 emails notifying me of this coupon and…oh For The Love of All That is Good And Holy…please NO It would be vanity to assume that I am the only “deal blogger” that you read, so in case you have seen this on another website or coupon forum…. Please do NOT […]

Why I Love Acme: Coupon Fraud Edition

Most of you know my deep love of Acme.  Between the wonderful coupon policy, the fantabulous sales and the fact that my local store is filled with the nicest employees, I rarely shop anywhere else! Diane found me on Facebook a few minutes ago and sent me this link to a story in the Pottstown […]