Can I Tell The Person In the Bathroom That They Didn’t Wash Their Hands?

Can I Say Something To The Person that Doesn't Wash Their Hands

Welcome to Manners Monday! Each Monday we will tackle an etiquette question (or story about bad etiquette) submitted by a reader. Have a question yourself? You can submit it here! I received the following question from Kate: Everywhere I go, I see people in public bathrooms walk out of the stall and walk right past […]

Black Friday Etiquette | 8 Tips To Make It Easier

Black Friday Etiquette – How to Survive and Save Shopping is a necessary evil in our society today and Black Friday is the mad scientist version. Somehow, Black Friday has managed to take every store owner in America and turn them upside down for one day after Thanksgiving. Every store drops prices to ridiculous levels […]

More Facebook Etiquette Questions!


We talked about the 8 Facebook rules that you wish everyone would follow before, but there are so many other issues that can come up with Facebook! Who do you turn to for Facebook questions? It is not always an easy thing knowing what to do on Facebook. More importantly, knowing what not to do […]

Grocery Store Manners | 15 Tips!

Going to the grocery store is not always easy. There are times when the store is a minefield of rude and insensitive people that are bound and determined to make you lose your temper. Fortunately for the grown ups in the room, it is reasonably easy to ignore them and move on with your shopping. […]

5 Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

5 Email Rules You Wish Everyone Would Follow

Whether in business or in daily communications, email can be a huge benefit to our daily lives. The problem with email, however, is that most people don’t understand basic email etiquette. When you are emailing your BFF forever, you can use pretty much anything you want to get your points across. When you are emailing […]

How Not To Be a Bridezilla

How Not To Be a Bridezilla

Your wedding day is a time for rejoicing and merriment and it is important that you are well prepared in advance for this big day in your life. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are common symptoms that can occur for weeks leading up to the event. These few tips will help you to keep your composure […]

8 Facebook Etiquette Rules You Wish People Would Follow

8 Facebook Rules You Wish Everyone Would Follow

Facebook Etiquette Rules You Wish People Would Follow Facebook is easily the most fun one can have with former friends that they have not seen in twenty five years. It is great to network business-wise. It is incredible to keep up with family that lives far away or that lives around the corner. That said, […]

Basic Cell Phone Manners

Basic Cell Phone Manners

Basic Cell Phone Etiquette The invention of the cell phone in the last century is probably one of the most revered inventions. It is affordable, and offers the ability to connect with those that are important to you, whether you are in the office, on the road, in the car, or out at a friend’s […]

10 Etiquette Rules For Movie Theaters

movie theater etiquette

The last time I went into the movie theater, I paid nearly fifty bucks for my family of five to watch a cartoon. Throughout the entire movie, we listened to two women loudly discuss an impending divorce and who has the best hair extensions. Needless to say, I was irritated. It got me to thinking…what if […]

How To Teach Your Children Good Manners at a Restaurant

How To Teach Your Children Good Manners at a Restaurant

Picture a beautiful couple sitting in their favorite corner of the restaurant in which they got engaged. The lighting was perfect and the lobster divine. As they raise a glass of wine to toast their tenth anniversary, a G.I. Joe comes whizzing by their heads followed by an apologetic mother that looks like she has […]

How To Be A Good Dinner Guest | Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette | How to Be a Good Dinner Guest

Dining Etiquette Knowing how to be a good dinner guest will ensure that you are asked back at another time. There are common rules of etiquette when you are invited to dine at someone’s place. The following tips may help to make your stay more comfortable and impress the host. An invitation to dine at […]

10 Rules of Parking Lot Etiquette Society Should Follow

parking lot etiquette and manners

Parking a car is a simple process. Although anyone can park a car, people are constantly getting into altercations in parking lots with other drivers. Why is this? To be blunt, it is usually because someone is being rude or selfish. Calm, rational people rarely duke it out verbally or physically in a parking lot. […]