The Best Herbs For Your Fall Garden

The Best Herbs For Your Fall Garden

Fall is in the air and your garden is ready for some cool-loving plants to call their home. Herbs love to be planted in a fall garden before any chance of frost is present. It allows their roots to take hold and reach out for the rich nutrients in the soil. Depending on your climate,…

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Protect Your Flower Garden From Pests and Disease With Essential Oils

Fight Common Diseases & Pests In Your Flower Garden  Using Essential Oils

Many flower gardens are perennial gardens and come back year after year without having to be replanted. When we don’t properly clean out our gardens each season, we can attract different common diseases. Flower gardens can be infested with all sorts of pests or have a fungal or bacteria problem. By using essential oils, you…

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Getting Started With Pressure Canning | Pressure Canning 101

Getting Started With Pressure Canning

Often considered a more intense method of canning, pressure canning is the method used to can low acid foods, such as meat, vegetables, and prepared foods such as soups. These foods require a higher temperature to kill bacteria (240°F), which must be achieved with pressurized steam. (You must use an actual pressure canner, not a…

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How To Grow Fruit Trees In Containers

Learn How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers

One of the greatest things about container gardening is you can grow just about anything in the right size pot (you can even grow a great herb garden in a single pot). Growing fruit trees in containers is quite appealing, especially if you don’t have a yard or live in an area that isn’t the…

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How to Fight Common Vegetable Garden Diseases Naturally Using Essential Oils

Don't forget to protect your vegetable garden as well!

Organic gardening means gardening without the use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides or herbicides unless they too are organic. The first step in fighting common diseases or pests is to be able to identify what you are looking at. That is definitely the hardest part. Here are ways to identify and how to Fight Common Diseases In…

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How To Get Started With Canning Foods | Canning 101

Get Started With Canning - Canning 101

Even the thought of canning fresh produce at home can be overwhelming. With so many recipes, techniques, and horror stories, you may be left not knowing where to start. Don’t fret, it’s really not that difficult. There are many simple techniques and recipes that will allow you to learn in small doses, all while still…

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How To Cut Your Lawn Care Costs


Cutting lawn care costs is great way to save money in your overall budget, but it also helps you to create a lawn that is more eco-friendly and can survive better under less than ideal summer conditions.  Of course, you can save money by watering your lawns from your rainwater harvesting, but for most people,…

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10 Most Popular Vegetables to Grow in Containers

Vegetable Container Gardening

There is nothing more satisfying as growing your own vegetables and eating them fresh right out of the garden. Not everyone is blessed to have a huge backyard garden though and some people don’t even have enough room to do a little square foot gardening. No worries, you can grow just about any vegetable in…

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Why You Should Have a Rain Barrel In Your Garden

Why You Should Have a Rain Barrel in Your Garden

Believe it or not, water is a scarce commodity right now. Wars are being fought in other parts of the world over access to water (the Darfur conflict started, in part, over access to water). Here in the United States, we have many disputes over water rights. The politics of water aside, capturing and using your…

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Every Garden Should Have These Herbs!

Every Garden Should Have These Herbs

It is gardening season and as we are planning our Spring garden, it is time to figure out just what should be growing this year. Maybe you have your flower beds all planned out with pretty annuals and steadfast perennials. The vegetable garden has all the staples and a few extra awesome veggies like artichokes. Now it…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Basil

Beginner's Guide To Growing Basil

Ahhh basil. Everyone loves to eat it, but not everyone can grow it. Basil can be a finicky little plant when it is just starting out. It has made more than one gardener scream in frustration. I don’t want that for you! If you are planning your Spring garden, here is a Beginner’s Guide to…

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Don’t Plant These Together Either | Companion Planting, Part 2

Raised garden beds in neighborhood garden

Gardens are a lot like people – they don’t necessarily get along with everyone. This is a follow-up post to Companion Planting | What NOT To Plant Together At over 125,000 repins, it has easily become my most popular post ever written on Moms Need To Know! Who knew there were SO many plants that would…

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Easy To Grow Super Veggies | Grow Your Own Superfoods!

How To Grow Your Own Superfoods - Vegetables

Super fruits and vegetables are some of the best additions you can make to your diet, especially if they are fresh and organic. When these super veggies are grown right in your garden, you benefit even more because you are reaping the benefits of your own hard work and know exactly what went into producing…

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How To Grow Spinach In Your Garden

How to Grow Spinach To Get The Best Yield

Spinach is one of the 10 Superfoods that should be a regular part of a healthy diet. It is easy to pick up a big bag of organic spinach every week for about $4. But once the weather starts to warm up, you can pick up a $4 seed packet of organic spinach and grow roughly 150 plants. Two…

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How To Grow Broccoli In Your Garden

Broccoli can still be planted!  Learn how!

Broccoli is a staple for many families that want to eat healthy. It isn’t exactly cheap though! Growing broccoli in your garden just might be the answer. When we talked about planning your Spring Garden, broccoli was one of the plants that I mentioned, but didn’t go in to much detail.  Ever wonder how to grow…

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Composting Basics | How To Get Started With Composting

Composting Basics for the Beginner  How To Get Started With Composting

Composting is nature’s way of taking waste and turning it into nutrient-rich soil that makes a great amendment to your garden soil (especially if you are square foot gardening) or mixed into a potting soil. One of the misconceptions and why more people don’t compost more is that they are worried about the smell or…

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Companion Planting | What NOT To Plant Together

Companion Planting - What Not to Plant Together

Wow! The response to this post has been so overwhelming Be sure to also check out Don’t Plant These Together Either | Companion Planting, Part 2 Often times when we talk about Companion Planting we discuss the plants that play nice together and should always be planted side-by-side in our gardens. If you are just…

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How To Grow Organic Carrots

How To Grow Organic Carrots in Your Spring Garden

How to Grow Organic Carrots Backyard gardening is a great way to bring wholesome, nutritious fruits and vegetables into your home. You can choose whether to grow organically or not, raise non-GMO foods, and even grow a few varieties of one kind of veggie if you want. One of the easiest vegetables to learn to…

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What To Plant In Your Spring Garden

What to Plant In Your Spring Garden

Spring is in the air and that means just one thing – planting a Spring Garden! I don’t know about you, but it is one of my favorite seasons! Seed and plant catalogs have been poured over and. like last year, we will be doing quite a bit of square foot gardening and stepping up…

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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Bird Feeders

how to keep squirrels out of bird feeder

This is a particularly challenging time of year for birds and their sometimes delicate feeders, as they compete with squirrels for every last seed. If you have a bird feeder set up, it can be quite disheartening to look out the window and see the squirrels just shoveling all of the bird seed out on…

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The Top 12 Posts of 2014 on Moms Need To Know

Top 12 Posts of 2014 on Moms Need To Know

2014 was an amazing year on Moms Need To Know.  We were able to successfully transition from just another deal blog to a website that (hopefully) provides many mom-friendly recipes, tips and savings. Looking back on 2014, it is amazing how much of a change I have seen since 2013.  If I look at my…

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5 Rules For Keeping Houseplants Alive

As we start to think about bringing in some of the plants from outside, here is how to keep them alive!

Keeping houseplants alive and thriving is not the easiest for everyone, but its not altogether impossible. Everything depends on the plant that you bring into your home, where you decide to place it and how much attention you give, or remember to, it. There are a few simple rules for keeping houseplants alive, and it…

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How To Prepare Your Lawn and Garden For Winter | Fall Gardening Tips!

Don't forget to get your lawn ready for Fall and Winter.  You really should start now!

It’s that time of year again where we say goodbye to the long hot Summer and hello to the cold winds of Winter. We start pulling out the sweaters and slippers and you may have even turned the heat on in your house. It is the time to prepare your lawn and garden ready for winter as…

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How To Start an Indoor Bulb Garden

Learn How to Start an Indoor Bulb Garden

Growing bulbs indoors, or forcing them, can be done everywhere in the world. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow bulbs outside and growing them indoors might just be the answer. Forcing bulbs for the Holidays has become second nature as we see bulb gifts of Amaryllis and Narcissus Paperwhites popping up everywhere. Here are…

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5 Bulbs To Plant This Fall

5 Bulbs to Plant This Fall

Every garden should have bulbs planted throughout it. Why, you might ask? That’s easy – every year when they pop up and bloom it is like a little surprise present. You might not see bulbs blooming all year long, but when they make their appearance, it will definitely make you smile. Planting bulbs is quite…

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The Prettiest Tulips To Plant This Fall

The Prettiest Tulips to Plant this Fall

Fall bulb catalogs are popping up in mailboxes everywhere as gardeners decide what they want to plant this fall. There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to tulips – picking just a few is hard work! Planning how you want your garden to look next spring goes into picking out the…

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So Many Bulbs, So Little Time!

So Many Bulbs And So Little Time

If you are like most backyard gardeners you have a list a mile long of different plant you would like to see blooming in your garden. I bet a few of those favorite blooms come from bulbs. There are so many bulbs, yet so little time to plant the thousands of varieties that you can…

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Awesome Fall Bulbs To Plant!

Awesome Fall Bulbs To Plant

Fall is a wonderful time of year for gardeners. Many people are planting their cool season veggie crops, planning their Fall Herb Garden, rotating their annuals to ones in shades of orange, yellow, and red. But one thing most gardeners look forward to is seeing their fall bulbs pop out of the ground. Not only…

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Getting Started With Water Bath Canning

Water Bath Canning 101

Water bath canning, or boiling water canning, is the desired method of canning used for high acid vegetables and fruits, pickles, and soft spreads. Water bath canning is the process of killing the unhealthy bacteria in foods by submerging them in a pot of boiling water. All foods contain bacteria, both harmful and helpful, but…

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The Best Flowers For Fall Gardening

The Best Flowers for Fall Gardening

Each season change has beautiful flowers blooming. There are many flowers for fall gardening to choose from in every shade imaginable The flowers that bloom in the fall have some of the richest colors that you will find. . Typically, we see flowers in shades of orange, yellow, red, and various shades of brown. There…

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Growing Foods From Kitchen Scraps

Growing Foods from Kitchen Scraps (1)

Did you know you can keep your garden growing by adding more plants without ever going to the nursery? You can grow foods from your kitchen scraps and not only save money but help the environment to boot (although don’t forget that all these can also be used for your compost pile). Home grown veggies…

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How To Grow Zucchini

Learn How To Grow Zucchini

Growing zucchini is an easy vegetable to grow in your summer garden. We just got our zucchini in the ground last week and I can’t wait for it to start “taking off” and enjoying the bounty all summer long! If you want to know how to grow zucchini then I hope that you will find…

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Top 10 Gardening Rules That You Should Never Break!

Top 10 Gardening Rules You Should Not Break

Gardening is a science and growing plants, flowers, plus fruits and vegetables is essential to our survival. In the past, gardening techniques were passed down from generation to generation. But these days, not everyone gardens and some of those rules of what you should and should not do have been forgotten. Here is a list…

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Natural Pest Deterrents For Your Garden

Natural Pest Deterrents For Your Garden

Every garden attracts critters that you wish would call somewhere else home. Not only do you need to sometimes keep unwanted insects at bay, but also those pesky deer and rabbits too. Not only can they destroy your plants, they can end up ruining your enjoyment of your back yard (I still remember the first…

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How To Make Hydrangeas Change Colors

How To Make Hydrangeas Change Color

How to Make Hydrangeas Change Colors Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers in people’s gardens. What’s even more unique about this cluster flower is that the colors can change dramatically based on the pH level of the soil.  Even one plant can grow different colored blooms depending on which roots are feeding that…

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How To Grow Strawberries

Learn How To Grow Strawberries

Summertime strawberries are oh so delicious and the signal that the dog days of summer are almost upon us. I have friends who like to brag about how strawberries grow wild up the Pacific Coast and in most of the Midwest and how easy it is to just stop your car and pick a few…

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How To Grow Green Beans

Learn How to Grow Green Beans

Green beans have been cultivated in gardens for hundreds of years. There are hundreds of different varieties from bush to pole, from Heirloom to hybridized, and even colors ranging from dark green to purple. There are so many green beans to plant, so little time! Here is a little guide to show you how to…

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5 Ways to Teach Children About Gardening

Ways To Teach Children About Gardening

5 Ways to Teach Children Gardening Gardening is a lost art that the world seems to be slowly trying to recapture. The need for all things organic is starting to really gain some traction and our next generation of kids will be at the forefront of this new movement. Getting them interested early is vital….

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How To Grow Blueberries

How To Grow Blueberries

Growing your own blueberries will quickly become your favorite simple pleasure of the summer. The fruit is incredibly sweet and delicious, can be used in so many ways, and boasts a handful of health benefits that makes snacking on them almost a requirement. The plants themselves offer a lot to the garden and landscape wherever…

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