Coconut Oil: Why I Love It!

If you have been around this site for a few months, you have seen how many times I have posted deals about Coconut OilThis chick converted me to it and I absolutely LOVE it! (although be warned…Tom Hanks was right – it is a natural laxative!)

So when my latest Subcribe & Save shipment arrived from Amazon last month, I gave a jar to my “frugal crunchy neighbor” because I was sure that she would love it.  I talked to her the other night, and she STILL hasn’t opened the jar, because she was afraid of what it would do to her cooking.

So without further ado, here is what I do with my Coconut Oil:

Popcorn:  at least 4 times a week, we make popcorn on the stove using non-GMO popping corn (but you can use regular kernels from the store until you are ready to be psychotic like me) with real butter melted on them.  It takes all of 5 minutes to make on the stove and microwave popcorn can’t hold a candle to it!

Eggs/StirFry:  as long as you purchase Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, you shouldn’t notice a coconut oil taste. Put it this way…Brad HATES the taste of coconut, and he has yet to complain about his over-easy eggs when I make them with coconut oil (and after almost 16 years of marriage…believe me when I say he WOULD mention it!). As for Stir Frys, I have made of ton of them and nobody in my family has noticed the difference between that and the olive oil I used to use.

Cuticle Cream/Hand Moisturizer: take an empty sample-size pot of moisturizer and fill it with Coconut oil for the best cuticle treatment and hand moisturizer you will ever find. Just be sure to not leave it in the car in the heat…and if you don’t have air conditioning in your home, store it upright in a Ziploc baggie. Coconut oil turns to a liquid at room temp and you don’t want a big mess in your purse!

Eye Makeup Remover/Facial Moisturizer: I use waterproof mascara (between the pool and the fact that even Hell’s Kitchen makes me cry, it’s a survival thang). I used to use a semi-expensive eye makeup remover. Coconut oil not only takes away the eye makeup, but it provides much-needed moisture to my old-woman skin. It can even be used to moisturize your entire face! A word of warning: this should be used at night, not in the morning (unless you have at least 45 minutes between using it and applying your makeup), because it needs time to “soak in” before putting on makeup that either doesn’t stay (on your eyes) or looks “cakey” (I use mineral foundation)

Baking: I am told that you can substitute coconut oil for melted butter in most recipes. I have yet to try it, but will be making a quintuple batch of homemade pancakes (we freeze the extras for breakfasts for the next few days) in the next day or so…I will let you know how that goes!

Have I converted you to Coconut Oil yet?  If so, what are you using it for?  If not, why not????

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  1. Stacey V says

    I bought some during one of the other deals but haven’t figured out what to use it for. I’ll have to try your suggestions. You need to call or e-mail me with instructions on making popcorn on the stove because I have no clue how to (or let me know the next time you are making it and I’ll stop down for a lesson).

  2. says

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