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Where Are My Free Samples?

There was a high-value freebie that became available a few weeks ago.  There was advance notice of this freebie and it was posted on many of the “Deal Blogs” (like mine) as early as 3 days in advance.

And I purposely didn’t post it.

Wanna know why (and even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you!)? Because this freebie was available to the first 2000 people who requested it.

2000 samples.  I knew it would be a major headache and that it would be gone in a matter of seconds, if not seconds.  I stopped posting these kinds of free samples a LONG time ago. I got tired of the angry emails and negative comments from people who were mad that they didn’t get the freebie.

Companies offer free samples all the time, but like us, they don’t have an unlimited budget.  They simply can’t afford to give one to every single person who requests it.

Do I find it annoying when companies don’t anticipate the volume of requests that they will get and continue to collect email addresses and mailing addresses without writing a simple script that would change the site to say “Offer Ended” as soon as they reach their maximum?  Yes I do.

But you know what I find even more annoying?

When people who didn’t get a freebie (or they miss out on a coupon) write to the blogger who posted the deal, or to the company themselves and accuse them of running a “scam” to collect information… someone who signs up for many freebies on Facebook, I get embarrassed for my fellow “Freebie Hunters”.

I have seen some of the most horrible comments left on the Facebook Fan pages of legitimate companies because the person missed out on a single dose of pain reliever, or even just a high-value coupon.  You are afraid that your email address will be inundated with spam by signing up for a freebie?  Then use a special email address, separate from your regular one, just for signing up for freebies.  But please don’t start yelling at companies that refuse to give you something for nothing.

Yes – it’s nice to get those little “prizes” in your mailbox to break up the monotony of the bills and junk mail. But I can’t count the number of free samples that I have signed up for and never received. Do I get upset? Nope – I just tap my toes and keep dancing.

Is it really worth calling a company (or a blogger) a “scam artist” because you missed out on a free tablespoon of shampoo?


  1. Lisa J says

    I agree! The companies don’t have to give away ANY, much less one to every single person who signs up. I use a seperate email for all my sign up deals and it works great. Most legitimate companies don’t send out spam and you can unsubscribe at any time…like after you get your freebie. Thanks for calling attention to this. These companies could stop offering freebies all together. lets be thankful for what we do have and be content.

  2. Christy C. says

    I totally agree with you. You are here to post these freebies. Some freebies aren’t for everyone so it’s our decision if it’s right for us. Calling or leaving horrible messages is just not right. It isn’t anyone’s fault someone missed a freebie. Yes, they should post an “offer ended” once it’s gone so more people aren’t signing up. Of course who doesn’t like getting something for free. But don’t pout because you didn’t get a once time use shampoo packet, because chances are you already 5 or 6 of them in the bathroom. LOL!! Thank you for posting all those wonderful deals. We know everyone can’t be pleased but there are more of us that are pleased!!

  3. Joanna says

    Yes! You said it perfectly. My blood pressure goes up when I read people’s ungrateful comments regarding missed freebies. Thanks for what you do!

  4. Cassie Mills says

    Amen to that! Shocked me at how many people were threatening Lowe’s when they did their 90% off give aways. Most of those people stopped by for a second and then split unlike those of us who played the “game” and hung out (neglecting our kids and spouses) hoping to be in the first 100 of 30,000 people. Think these same people write hate mail when they don’t win the lottery each week?

  5. Mindy Nabors says

    I am grateful for any free stuff I get, but if I don’t get it then, I missed out. Why get mad about it? It bugs me when people get mad about things they can’t control. That’s just a waste of time and energy. Grow up.

  6. Dee says

    Love it! Those people that think they are being wronged cos they couldn’t get a freebie! Get over yourself!!! I thought the same thing with the Lowes 90% codes they were doing. People can be so rude and these companies owe you nothing so stop whining about it.

    Grumble over, love your blog! 😀

  7. Alaina says

    I agree 110%. People that get freebies just because, even when they would never use that annoy me, (unless they get it to give away to someone in need or a friend). Like the Lowe’s, how many of the people that actually got the 90% off needed the item, or even used the coupon.

  8. Ashley says

    Thank you for writing this. It is especially troublesome when people get irate at small companies that are generous enough to have discount codes, free samples, etc. I work with a WAHM that has a very popular online baby boutique, and you would be APPALLED at what some people will email her or comment on her facebook wall if they missed out on a freebie or didn’t win a contest or she didn’t allow them to stack coupon code on top of coupon code on top of coupon code… what people don’t seem to realize is that *every* time she offers a percentage off, or ships free (which is always), or gives freebies in orders, or gives samples, or hosts giveaways, she paid for those items. Out of her own pocket. Not some corporate account. Out of her checking account, that she uses to buy groceries with, or clothes for her children. I’m not saying she doesn’t love to do it – and it’s fun when people have fun! But the *entitlement* that some feel is, quite frankly, embarrassing. So glad others understand =)

  9. Nilsa says

    I am grateful to find a freebie in the mail and the many good coupons that save me money and I urge you to keep posting it. when I don’t make it or don’t get it I just figure there is a better one coming. It is just the way it is and companies do get the information, but a lot of times they do send good coupons or other opportunities to get another freebie.So it all evens out! People need to “chill” and have fun with this instead of being so crazy and mad for a freebie that is worth a few cents!

  10. Tracy says

    So glad you posted this…i resisted posting a comment on a blog earlier today as people were griping about not getting the shoes…do they know how selfish and petty they sound!

  11. Jody says

    I am very grateful for anything I do actually get and thankful for posts like yours that give me the information. Please don’t be burdened by the negative nellies, just know that MANY MORE of us actually do APPRECIATE your work. If you are one who feels the need to complain, just stop going to the freebie sites. Thank you for all you do!

  12. says

    Thank you so much for posting this! People feel entitled to things and it drives me crazy. When I don’t get a high value coupon or a free sample am I bummed out, yes, but do I make a big deal of it, no. About 10 years ago, I was working in the casino industry and was responsible for a giveaway to middle level players on Valentine’s Day. We were giving out 5,000 boxes of chocolate. We over ordered and gave away closer to 5800 yet still had people yelling at us because they didn’t get their box of candy and insisting that we do something about. First come, first served means something people!

  13. Bobbi says

    I love that you posted this!!!! I cannot agree more!!! I get so embarressed for these people who throw the biggest fits that they didn’t get their freebies! So what…be grateful for the ones that you do get!!!!

  14. The Happy Housewife says

    Well said! Thanks for addressing this topic, I too have seen some of the nasty comments left on facebook pages and I feel bad for the companies. Sure they have made mistakes, but we aren’t owed anything. :)
    .-= The Happy Housewife´s last blog ..Reading List for 2011 =-.

  15. Amanda says

    I was embarrassed reading the FisherPrice FB page the other day. I wasn’t happy that the freebie deal was over but I deleted the application when I found out and moved on.

  16. K says

    Thank you for posting this!

    If you have time to write a few coupon with ethics discussions, that would be awesome!

  17. Kristina C says

    I would love to see this little “reminder” on every deal blog out there! Well put!

  18. Alice H says

    Glad to see you say it – if I get something, awesome – yay for me. If I don’t, that’s OK, too. I just hope that if someone NEEDS it, they’ve gotten it.

  19. Shelley says

    I totally agree! I couldn’t believe the comments when Pizza Hut just did their free pizza deal and how many people said I hate Pizza Hut- this is a scam- It was gone in seconds- Well if you hate PH then unlike the page- they have over 1 million fans on their site of course its going to be gone in seconds! and it seems like it’s on every freebie thing now that “it’s a scam”- but only if they don’t get the freebie…Be thankful for the freebies and coupons you do get!! I miss out on quite a few because of work and kids and life but when I do get one-just makes me that much more appreciative of all the work people put in to help us save money- Thanks!

  20. April Hooper says

    *Clapping ecstatically
    Well said, love your humor too!
    I have seen this many times and I too am embarrassed for them.

    Thanks for posting!


  21. marlana says

    :) I laughed when I read this just because it is too rediculous to be upset over as you said ” a tablespoon of shampoo”. It is great to find a deal but it is the same as going to a store that is having a great sale on shoes and the person in front of you picking up the last box with your size. Do you complain to managment because they did not anticipate your purchase….I mean really, it would have been great to buy the shoes but you move on to the next item you were looking for.

  22. says

    Well said!

    I don’t get upset, like you I shrug it off. Life’s too short to raise your blood pressure over something someone gives away!

    I do find it annoying, though when others write they were able to get several samples when so many others got none. Some people out there seem addicted to free stuff.

  23. says

    Thanks for writing this, took the words right out of my mouth. Yesterday I made the mistake of putting up the shoes giveaway on my Free Samples 2 Fill Up Your Mailbox page, NEVER again. Someone wrote on my Facebook wall to hate my page, that my page was a scam, that the only thing that would fill up their mailbox following my page was garbage, to dislike my page. All because the link for the giveaway was overloaded with traffic and they couldn’t get through to get the shoes. Not my fault, or any of us who put up the freebies. I was absolutely shocked and really hurt by it. All over something that is free. It’s good to know it’s not just me who had this happen to.
    .-= Jennifer Coldren´s last blog ..Free Rouge Magazine Subscription From P&G With Coupons =-.

  24. Jenny says

    You are so right! What ever happened to good old maturity? Grow up people! Free stuff is nice, but THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING!

  25. Lorraine says

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Some people should really get a life!! Hate mail for not getting the free shoes lets grow up people!! Like a pp said freebies break up the monotony of bills and junk mail!! It is supposed to be fun, but then there is always a party pooper in every bunch!! LOVE YOUR PAGE! Makes my day !!

  26. says

    So many people have the attitude of “it’s owed to me”. I am grateful for any offers I am lucky enough to snag. I used to do a Friday Freebies and received so many angry comments and emails, I quit doing it.
    .-= Lisa B´s last blog ..What Ive Been Up to =-.

  27. faith_bookluvr says

    You are spot on in this post! It is embarrassing the way people act sometimes because they missed out on a deal that was never guaranteed to them in the first place.

  28. Julie says

    I will admit I was very frustrated the other day when I had registered my two sons for one of the Lowe’s Grow and Build workshops, and when we got there, they told us they didn’t have any kits left (and, yes, we did get there before it was scheduled to end!). What exactly is the point of registering in advance for something if it’s not going to be there when you get there?

    I only attempt freebie deals like the one you’re talking about when I know I’m going to have some time to kill, because killing time is probably all that’s going to happen. I have been very embarrassed reading some of the comments on deal blogs and facebook after these freebies for the same reasons you list. I did get a free pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts a while ago, and I felt like I won the lottery! Hee hee. I really needed the glasses, too.

    Anyway, great post.