How To Make Spare Ribs In The Crockpot
You can make spare ribs in your slow cooker and have them turn out just as delicious as if you cooked them on the grill! Grab your slow cooker and give it a try!
  1. Cut ribs in to sections (about 3 ribs each)
  2. Arrange ribs around the sides and the bottom of your slow cooker - "meaty" side down, trying not to overlap the ribs as much as possible
  3. Spread apple slices over the ribs.
  4. Combine onion, applesauce, brown sugar, vinegar and ½ of the barbecue sauce in a blender or food processor. Pulse until smooth.
  5. Pour sauce over ribs.
  6. Cook on high for 5 hours, or on low for 8 hours, until ribs are tender.
  7. Carefully remove the ribs from your slow cooker and brush with remaining BBQ sauce.
  8. If you want more crispy ribs,you can transfer them to a foil-lined baking sheet and broil for about 4 minutes,
  9. Serve and enjoy!
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