Quick Orange Marmalade Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This orange marmalade recipe is made right in your pressure cooker or Instant Pot. It is ready in less than 30 minutes and is so easy to make!
Serves: 3 pints
  • 2 lbs oranges, washed
  • 3 - 4 lbs sugar, to taste (about 6½ to 9 cups)
  • 2 c. water (or the minimum needed to bring your pressure cooker to pressure)
Equipment Used
  1. Using a mandoline or sharp knife, thinly slice the oranges. Stack the slices and cut in to quarters.
  2. Place the orange quarters (along with any juices on the cutting board) in to your pressure cooker
  3. Add about 2 cups of water (or however much your pressure cooker needs to come to pressure)
  4. Seal your pressure cooker
  5. If using an electric pressure cooker: set your pressure cooker to HIGH and to cook or 10 minutes
  6. If using a manual pressure cooker: turn your stove to HIGH until it reaches pressure. Once it is aat pressure, reduce the heat and cook for 10 minutes
  7. When the time is up, open your pressure cooker using the NATURAL RELEASE method.
  8. Once pressure is released, open your cooker and add the sugar.
  9. Turn the heat up again and cook and stir until the marmalade reaches 212F with a candy thermometer (it will be thin)
  10. Let cool about 5 minutes (more if using freezer jars, since they are plastic)
  11. Using a ladle and a canning funnel, transfer orange marmalade to canning jars
  12. Preserve your marmalade using the water bath canning method (or freeze)
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