eos Lip Balm: $1 coupon still available!


Did you get your free smooth sphere eos lip balm in the mail yet? (note:  that freebie is long gone).  Mine came about a week ago and I am completely in love with it!  I ended up getting the Sweet Mint version and I am really looking forward to trying the Honeysuckle Honeydew and the Summer Fruit!

I have a huge problem with dry skin and I lick my lips constantly, so I always want something on my lips so that they feel moisturized and I tend to get funny looks when I show up at the bus stop wearing lip gloss at 8:00am. 

These are priced at about $3 at Walgreens at Rite Aid, but you can still get a $1 coupon on the eos website (wait for the page to finish loading and the form will come up!)


  1. Heather says

    I received mine on Saturday and have been using it NON-STOP! Like you, I picked the mint flavor (and it really reminds me of playing outside as a kid and smelling the mint my mother would grow.) I plan on picking up the other two as well. I am totally in love with this lip balm. A balm that stays put when you put it down and doesn’t make your lips look like you kissed the backside of a greasy pig. Brilliant! :)

  2. Jayma says

    The coupon from the website, is it only an online coupon good for their store? That is the only one I seem to get. Thanks!

  3. l p says

    Wow Mindi, you take a bus? I do too, now I don’t feel as embarrased about it.

    And I too received the mint one.

  4. achara says

    Hi Mindi,
    I got mine last week and in love with it. Now I want to buy more. But…

    Do I have to re register to the site? I click the link and after I logged in (did this when I requested the free sample), I don’t see where to request for the coupon after I’m in. Thank you.

  5. Barbara says

    Glad to hear you guys all like it! Mine came about 2 weeks ago and I added it to my daughter’s Christmas stocking stash! Should make for a nice little stuffer!

  6. Anon says

    It is ONLY for online purchase. There is no printable; you can’t use it at Rite Aid or Walgreens.