Coupons For Knoebels Amusement Park | 2012 Season


I have received quite a few emails from people asking this question (ever since I posted the Hershey Park coupons and Sesame Place coupons) and I finally have an answer for you!

While I can’t find any coupons for the wristbands, according to the Knoebels Facebook page, you can purchase $20 vouchers for Knoebels ride tickets for just $16 at the customer service desk of your local Weis.

All Weis stores are supposed to be participating in this promo, but there are likely a limited number for each store.

And of course, I will keep looking for any coupons or deals on the Knoebels wristband! I found a Knoebels coupon that I posted back in 2009 that was good for the all-day pass, but they didn’t offer that until later in the summer season


  1. Terri N Adam Lawton via Facebook says

    This is pretty much in my back yard…so thank you!! We were just there two weekends ago….and we plan to go back many times this summer.

  2. Peggy Marker Fuller via Facebook says

    Wasn’t even sure they would be open due to all the flooding they had.

  3. psychocellochica says

    I’m originally from that area and grew up in the park (it was even my first job!). At one point I worked in the freestanding ticket booths around the park. I’d always tell people who were buying large amounts of tickets ($150 or more) that if you go to the main park office, you can get 10% or 15% off (weekdays or weekends respectively)

  4. sugaree says

    Check The Pocono Record Sunday papers in June/July and again towards the end of summer – they usually run a buy one wristband get one free coupon for Knoebels.

    • jennifer says

      actually, if you have a Wegmans, you can purchase all day wristbands for $25 for kids, which cost $34 at knoebels. Its a good deal. remember wristbands are only for monday thru friday. have fun