Get Another 60 Recyclebank Points!

Recyclebank has come out with 2 new easy ways to earn points! Each one of these is worth 30 points, so make sure to do both to get the full 60 points!

(Click on each banner to earn your points)

Learn more about Sustainable Sourcing for 30 Recyclebank Points

Learn how sustainably sourced products benefit the planet for 30 Recyclebank Points. Brought to you by Unilever.

Discover how ingredients can be more sustainable for 30 Recyclebank Points

Discover how delicious ingredients can be. Learn how smart sourcing begins at the farm and earn 30 Recyclebank Points. Brought to your by Knorr®.

Recyclebank points can be redeemed for high-value coupons for organic and healthy items, magazine subscriptions and even gift cards to some of your favorite stores!

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