Giant PA: New Coupons + TRIPLE Coupons starting 9/27!


Check out and make sure that you enter your zip code (enter one that is near a Giant Store) because there are a bunch of coupons for Nabisco, Kraft and Planters products!  These are Giant coupons (they say “Retailer Coupon” at the top), which means that you should be able to stack them with manufacturers coupons!  Most of them are $1/2, so your best bet may be to print them now and hold on to them for a BOGO sale!

Additionally – I have the circular for Giant for the deals that start 9/27 and my ad has SIX Triplers.  I can’t remember the last time Giant had Triples.  There is a $15 minimum purchase to use them and they will only triple up to $.99 (so a $.75 coupon will be worth $2.25).  Note that not all stores may be participating this week, but if your store is not participating this week – they may be in the next week or so. (or it could be my store panicking because we have a Wegmans opening in 2 weeks right down the street…and yes – I’ll start covering Wegmans when they open and I can get the ads!)

Because of the Triples, I will try to get the Giant ad up at some point on Saturday or very very early Sunday morning


  1. Krissy says

    I didn’t get any triple coupons and my store is pretty close to the new Wegmans as well. Hopefully next week!

  2. Julie says

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Oh, and don’t get too excited about Wegman’s ads. The ads usually don’t say much besides the featured take-home gourmet foods and the $14 cakes.

    • Mindi Cherry says

      yeah! I went online yesterday to look at the Wegmans ad and noticed that 75% of it was Wegmans-brand stuff!

  3. Jen says

    So SO SO excited that you will be covering Wegman’s soon. I have noticed that they do not always have the best “loss leader” deals, but they have some really good “consistent low prices”. And their Wegman’s brand products are really good quality, especially the bread.

  4. Kathy says

    Wegmans usually has good prices on their brand of tissues and paper towels. Skip their chocolate chips. We splurge on their pretzels rolls in the bakery.