Giant of PA: Coupon Policy 101

Giant is one of the most confusing stores in the Philadelphia area when it comes to their coupon policy.

As far as doubling coupons… they seem to merely “follow the lead” of the local stores in the area.

In the immediate Philadelphia area (where I live), they practice “full doubles”...meaning a $0.75 coupon has a doubled value of $1.50.  But the farther they get from Philadelphia and the farther they get from stores that offer “full doubles”?  Their policy changes.  Some stores only offer “up to $1 doubled value” (meaning a $0.75 coupon has a doubled value of $1).

Because I live near a store that practices “full doubles” and because my statistics tell me that the majority of my readers that are searching for Giant deals also live in the same area, all of my weekly Giant of PA coupon matchups are based on “full doubles”.  If your store doesn’t double as well as my store does, please adjust your weekly Giant shopping plans accordingly (and check with your local store to see their policy)

That being said – there are a few rules that are universal to Giant:

Giant only doubles 1 like-coupon per transaction.  If you have, for instance, 5 coupons for $0.50/1 Superpretzels and they are on sale for $1.79 (as happens often), only the first coupon will double.  If you have 5 coupons and want to get 5 boxes for $0.79 each (after doubled coupon), you will need to do each in a separate transaction.  PLEASE NOTE:  I have done similar transactions in the past and I simply told the cashier “sorry to do this to you, but I need to split these transactions because of the ridiculous Giant coupon policy”.  The cashiers understand…you aren’t blaming them for a policy over which they have no control!

Most Giant stores will only accept 4 like-coupons per transaction.  So – if you have 7 $2 Wisk detergent coupons one week, you will need to split your transactions or the register will reject your coupons.

Giant requires manager approval  for any coupon with a value greater than $5. For most people, this isn’t an issue.  But, because of my job, I often get coupons for free items (meat, frozen prepared dinners, etc) with a value greater than $5.  Come to think about it, there was a recent BOGO Birds Eye Voila coupon (value of $8.99) in the weekly coupon inserts!  Please don’t be upset by them needing to call over a manager to approve your coupon.  Legitimate high-value coupons have security features in place and most managers recognize them immediately.  It may be an extra minute of your time, but they are just covering their bases against fraud.

Giant does not accept Internet coupons for FREE products and many of them have stopped accepting Internet Buy One Get One Free coupons.  This is due to rampant coupon fraud. The problem arises when you sign up for a coupon for a free item that is mailed to you and it LOOKS like an Internet Printable.  However, those mailed Free Item Coupons are almost always printed on the Security Paper.  I have had many a cashier tell me that they can’t take my coupon because it was an Internet printable….but once I flipped it over and showed them the “extra special paper”, they accepted the coupon.  And if they don’t?  There is always Target (I never have a problem with Target taking my Free Product coupons…your mileage may vary!)!

Giant WILL accept $ off Catalina coupons with another store logo on them.  This is completely unadvertised, but I can tell you this from experience. As long as the Catalina coupon has a “remit to” address on it, it is a manufacturers coupon and the store WILL accept it.  I have sought out managers in my local store to confirm this in advance of hitting the checkout line, as well as had some “fights” with cashiers who told me they couldn’t take it (my response?  “scan it…if it doesn’t work, then we will argue”…and it always scanned without a beep!)

Please remember that Giant gives their managers latitude to make up their own coupon policies to fit their stores.  If you have any problems with using your legitimate coupons at Giant, please contact Giant Corporate to register a complaint (or compliment) HERE


  1. Ryan P says

    Good info! In Central PA (Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, etc)… stores “double up to $1.00”, and some are even worse, doubling only $0.50 coupons or less (a .50 will double, but a .75 wont!)

    All GIANT in Central PA (that I’ve been to) will NOT accept a Internet printable coupon with the word ‘Free’ (or B1G1) verbage on it.

    – Ryan P

      • Ryan P says

        You’ll have to call the GIANT in your area. You may need to ask for an assistant manager to get the story straight.

        – Ryan P

        • Maria says

          Lexi, All Mechanicsburg Giant stores double up to $1, based on my experience. However, they will only double the first coupon if you have multiples. So, if you have 2 identical coupons that need doubling you have to seperate your transactions.

  2. Catherine says

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m in the Allentown area and the Giant by me only doubles up to $1.00. And thanks for the tip about the catalinas from a different store. I’ve got a ton from Target and always feared trying to use them at Giant.

    • Mindi Cherry says

      Catherine –

      most of the Catalinas that I have received from Target were “target coupons”, not manufacturers coupons. However, you may have received “true man. coupons”.

      Just make sure that there is a “Remit to Address” on it before you try to use it at Giant!

  3. Bonnie says

    Me too on the Thanks for the cat info!!! I have never heard this and can’t wait to try it. I am assuming $ OYNO’s are still out though? It would make sense from a marketing perspective to take them since they do get reimbursed, but I never seem to win that argument with the managers!

  4. Julie W. says

    Thanks for the info on the Catalina’s I had no idea! This will make a huge difference. I live outside State College, PA. our N. Atherton store gives full doubles, and thank goodness they do because they are the ONLY store that does in a huge radius (State College, Altoona, Clearfield), myself and many of my friends locally are happy to make the 1 hour drive into State College to get full doubles! PHEW!! My hubbie shops with me so we generally split the groceries between the two of us, then go back in if we need to purchase those deals again, this has never been a problem and we get it done super quick.

  5. Erin says

    Good info. I live in the Harrisburg area & never realized they didn’t double more than one coupon (if your using multiples). I will have to keep an eye on that.

  6. Laura C says

    Aha, this is what I asked about in the survey – thanks for addressing it! I shop at Martin’s in VA and they max out the doubling at $1. I can live with that, but the doubling one like coupon policy is so antiquated. How can we get them to actually review and update their coupon policy!?

  7. beth says

    Maybe it’s just me but whenever I use more than one like coupon at Giant they all double! Anyone else?

    • Mel says

      I should have mentioned that is the Williamsport Giant and is one of the worst ones I’ve ever been in.

    • Ryan P says

      The Hummelstown Giant now only doubles to 50 cents. The ‘Hershey’ Giant doubles ‘up to $1.00’.

  8. says

    I recently asked the question about internet printables and free items to Martin’s via their website. They actually called me and told me that if it is an internet printable and has the word “free” on it they do not accept it, that includes bogo or b2g1.

    Thanks for the info about the Catalinas – I will have to remember that in the future.

  9. Danica says

    Does giants take competitors coupons ex: If I have a coupon that is 5 dollars off 25 or more from target will giants take it.

    • Mindi Cherry says

      as far as I know, they don’t…but it never hurts to ask your store manager if they will!

  10. Tara says

    Thanks for the info! I shop the Hazleton, PA, Giant. Love the gas deals (X items for Y cents off per gallon). I think they only double to $1 as well. Trying to get into using coupons more since I was laid off. Thanks again! :)

  11. Brie says

    I was wondering if you could tell me which Giant you shop at. I live in the Philadelphia area, and the giant I shop at will only double one like coupon, so if I have five coupons for the same item, they’ll only double the first one. So frustrating!! I’m willing to travel to another giant if its not too far out of my comfort zone! Thanks!

    • Mindi Cherry says

      Hi Brie!

      Unfortunately, that is the policy at all Giant stores (only doubling the first coupon). You can get around this policy by splitting up your transactions, although that won’t help you when you are trying to work a Gas Deal or an Instant Savings deal. :(