Giant of PA Gas Deals | I Got $97 in Gas For FREE!

Please note: while my Giant Gas Station let me use 3459 Gas Points at once (the pump does it automatically), I am aware that some Giant gas stations in other areas only allow you to use 2200 points per fill-up…please check the policy at your gas station!

So remember when I told you about the free Nabisco Go-Packs, Hershey and Cadbury deals? Well, I just wanted you to see the result of my shopping today! I actually still had about 1200 points left over from last week when we stocked up on free canned tomatoes and Deer Park water, but today I went to Giant after church and did a bunch of deals and earned another 4313 points by spending $122 (which included about $30 in purchases not included in the Gas Deals).

Here were my deals:

70 Nabisco Go-Packs at $1 each
Paid $70 and earned 3000 Gas Points ($3 off per gallon)
(note: I didn’t pre-order, but I didn’t even come CLOSE to clearing the shelf and I would have not have bought so many at once if there wasn’t about 400 in the display)

Hershey Cadbury Deals
my register receipt is really faded and hard to read, but I did the deals 4 times AND there were some Theater Box candies priced at $1 (rather than the $1.25 each that is mentioned in my ad….from my receipt, it looks like it was the Milk Duds and the Good & Plenty theater boxes…yeah – Brad went candy-shopping 😉 ). Subtracting out the few extra items that I bought, I spent about $22 doing this deal 4 times
Earned 1200 Gas Points ($1.20 off per gallon)

Earned another 113 points for the money that I spent (less excluded items like milk)

Total spent: $122
Total Gas points earned: 4313 ($4.30 off per gallon)

My total Gas Points balance after this was 5580 (including the carryover from last week!)! I went to the Giant Gas Station a little later in the day, filled up the 5-gallon tank that we keep in the garage for the lawnmower, then filled up my car for FREE! They didn’t even charge me the $0.03 you see on the pump!

Bottom line?  I paid $122 for food that we will USE and got $97.17 in gas for FREE!

In the words of the ancient Greek Philosophers?  “BOOYAH!”

Will you be doing these deals this week? You can review these Giant Gas Deals for the week of 7/15/2012 in this post as well as on the Giant Coupon Deals page!


  1. Corrie Gearhart via Facebook says

    I was able to get 102.00 worth of free gas! It was awesome.. Now every week my husband says “what’s on sale for gas points?!” Lol!

  2. says

    That’s awesome I got the M&Ms deal last week buy 5 @$6.25 less 2 0.50/2 coupons, 1 coupon dbl even though it says dnd but started w/5 so $4.75 = $9.00 in gas so I did these is seperate trans actions snce there was a limit of 10 deals s $47.50 for $90 in gas 3000pts.

  3. says

    Brad filled up his tank for free last week with the Giant canned tomatoes and Deer Park and we STILL had 1200 points left over for this week 😉

    After buying gas, I still have about 2050 gas points for the next fill-up…and that’s if I don’t go back and do the Hershey deals a few more times (Brad is always happy to stock his office with candy)

  4. Corrie Gearhart via Facebook says

    I also did the canned tomatoes, deer park, and frozen waffles(great for the kids)..haven’t looked at this coming weeks ad yet, will pour over it in the morning :)

  5. says

    Does Giant have to have a gas station attached for it to have the gas deals? My store has not had the gas deals in the past but a few new ones have opened recently and I was wondering if it was worth checking to see if they have the gas deals?

  6. says

    my store had Gas deals for 3 months before we had a gas station open near us (before that, we had gas deal and had to drive 20 minutes to get to the gas station). I would definitely check out the other stores in your area to see if they have gas deals instead of instant savings!