Giveaway: Seventh Generation Gift Pack!

Leading the “responsible cleaning” charge for the past twenty years, Seventh Generation has tapped into the disinfecting power of the herb thyme, to introduce an EPA registered line of disinfecting sprays and wipes that kill germs naturally! The new line of botanical disinfectant cleaners includes a multi-surface cleaning spray, bathroom cleaning spray and wipes.

The disinfectants contain thymol, a component of the herb thyme, and can be used on hard surfaces including counter tops, plastic cutting boards, highchair trays as well as children’s toys. Best of all, they kill over 99.99 percent of germs naturally and are effective against the Influenza A Virus, including H1N1.

Ok – so that’s the PR-friendly information about Seventh Generation products.  Now on to my opinion…how do they work?  The answer:  surprisingly good!

I have to tell you – when I opened the package from Seventh Generation, I was a little freaked out with brown paper towels.  Paper towels are supposed to be a nice bright clean white…right? (it seems I am in a rhyming mood!).  But they are white because they are bleached to within an inch of their life (that is, assuming, paper towels have a “life”, which I guess they don’t…but you get my point).  All I know is that when my children spilled Easter Egg dye all over the kitchen table – they sopped up that mess in a flash.  The bathroom cleaner and all-purpose cleaner worked great removing dried-up toothpaste from the bathroom that my children use and the dried ice cream drips that my husband never seems to see when he gets his nightly bowl.  So if they work and are environmentally friendly AND there are a ton of coupons available for them?  Works for me!

Seventh Generation has partnered with eco-lifestyle consultant and author, Alexandra Zissu, whose new book, The Conscious Kitchen, discusses what’s good for your health, what´s good for the planet and what tastes great. Her book also includes great tips on maintaining a green and healthy kitchen.  I had a chance to ask Alexandra questions about “greening up your life” in an email and I will post those questions and answers on Friday, but first – on to the giveaway!

The people at Seventh Generation and MyBlog Spark have given me a gift pack to give away which includes: disinfecting multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, wipes , a copy of The Conscious Kitchen, a cleaning caddy made from recycled plastic, and two rolls of 100% recycled, unbleached paper towels.

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Full Disclosure:  Seventh Generation, through My Blog Spark provided me with a personal gift pack as well as another to give away.  The words and experiences are mine.


  1. Machelle says

    Such a great giveaway! In our house (since we are in an apartment) we use the energy lightbulbs and we have started to go over to Organic or natural cleaning products.
    .-= Machelle´s last blog ..It’s Viral…. =-.

  2. Chandra says

    I am trying to buy more fresh food items reducing the number of cans and plastic bags that have to be thrown away. I also use reusable grocery bags.

  3. Jean H says

    We do recycling in my house of all paper and plastic items. I am slowly changing over cleaning products fromt he traditional cleaners over to ones that are more environmentally friendly and we have taken to eating less meat and have introduced more fruits and vegetables into our diets!

  4. Jolene says

    I recycle everything I possibly can. I use environmentally friendly products (unless of course I get some for free that aren’t). We turn off lights when not in use, conserve water and many other things :) Thanks!

  5. Deana says

    Energy saving lightbulbs, recycling, reusable shopping bags (had to put up post it notes in the kitchen to remind myself to put them back in the trunk when I’m done shopping) and my daughter constantly reminding me turn off the lights, setting a time for my showers, and reminding me to put the reusable shopping bags in the trunk. Guess those post-its aren’t working after all!

  6. Heather says

    We recycle and last year I started growing a garden. This year my garden will about double in size. :) We are also switching all of our lightbulbs over into more energy efficient ones as the older ones burn out.

  7. smitmega says

    Use plastic container for sandwiches everyday instead of plastic bags in lunches.
    Use cloth grocery bags

  8. Jen says

    We’ve started cloth diapering our newborn, and we’ve joined another CSA for this summer.

  9. Karen P. says

    I use cloth bags to shop & a basket to pick up my produce. we also like to usecloth napkins at mealtime.

  10. Beth says

    I just bought my first organic cleaner this past shopping trip! It wasn’t seventh generation but now that I have read about you, I would LOVE to try it!!!!!!! I have a son with HORRIBLE asthma and we are trying organic cleaners to see if it will help him out some!!!!

  11. michelle says

    We’ve become GREEN freaks at our home–recycling EVERYTHING, no more plastic bags, making our own cleaners, cutting down our hot water comsumption. I also have become a farmer’s market junkie!

  12. Amy says

    We have gone vegetarian at home, since producing meat puts such a burden on the earth and its resources. Thanks!

  13. Jill says

    This is a great giveaway! Having a 2 year old in the house plus having a 26 year old house, my husband and I are doing everything in our power to turn our home into a “green” home… new dual flush system toilets, new air conditioning to gardening and building a compost bin. I am embracing the lifestyle, but am limited on budget so any products that are out there and competitive in price, will be in my house!

  14. Debbie in PA says

    We recycle as much as we can, either through curb side or by donating goods to local thrift shops. We have replaced all our light bulbs with the energy efficient variety.

  15. Richelle says

    At our house, we use CFL light bulbs, and we make most of our food (including snack items like granola bars) entirely from scratch to avoid the huge waste of pre-packaged foods. We also buy a lot of our family’s clothing items from thrift stores– and when they are outgrown, we donate them back to local charitable organizations.

  16. says

    We are trying to switch to more all natural cleaners, etc. We recently ordered from Cal Ben Soap (for shampoo, body soap, etc.) and have tried out Charlie’s Soap (for laundry). Both companies use all natural ingredients. I am would love to try out some of the Seventh generation items and see how they work on the messes we make around here. :)
    .-= K. Anne´s last blog ..Seriously =-.

  17. Julie says

    We recycle everything we can. We also use as little water as possible and GE Energy saver lightbulbs! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  18. Diana says

    I recycle almost everything I can–plastic bags, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum cans…

  19. toni says

    We love Seventh Generation products! They’ve been one big way of going green- safer, less toxic cleaning products, non-chlorinated diapers for my daughter, and we also try to eat as many organic foods as we can find.

  20. Karen Beetel says

    We do LOTS!! to be environmentaly freindly…I clean with vinegar and baking soda…we recycle all plastics and paper allowed by our township..I swap clothes with my girlfriends for my kids clothes..we compose table scraps!
    I love your has saved me LOTS of money!

  21. Melissa says

    Whenever I go grocery shopping, I am always sure to bring with my own reusable bags.

  22. Erica says

    We use rags about 90% of the time which has saved us tons on paper towels. We used to go through a roll every couple of days and now one lasts us two weeks or more.

  23. Pam says

    We are switching out our regular light bulbs for CFLs, using reusable tote bags for groceries, and I recently bought a front loader washing machine.

  24. Carol says

    To go green more, this year I bought a share in a local organic farm. We eat a lot of produce, so I’m praying for a huge harvest! LOL

  25. Bianca T. says

    I always use reusable bags at the grocery & we have been more diligent about recycling at home.

  26. Megan Butcher says

    We use reusable cloth bags, and recycle everything we can. I try to avoid using the dryer and my hair dryer as much as possible. We use CFL lightbulbs and I try to use as few lights as possible. We recently purchased our first home & will be starting a compost bin for the organic garden we plan to start. I take a “navy shower”, meaning I only run the water when I need to rinse myself off. I use as many eco friendly cleaning and paper products as possible. I dry my hands with a towel rather than paper towels. We keep our heat set to 66 in winter when we are home, 60 when away. We are most likely upgrading to a high efficiency gas furnace (to replace the older, less efficient oil furnace we have now) and also possibly a tankless gas water heater (we have an older electric model now). During warmer weather, I try to run the dish washer & washer/dryer during the cooler times of the day to save energy. I have my LCD tv set to maximum energy saving mode.

    I had to purchase a new washer, so I bought a front-loader that conserves both water & electricity. I try to make sure things are turned off (including power strips) when not in use. We are looking into Air Krete insulation, since our older brick home currently has no insulation.

    I have been using organic/cruelty free beauty products. I am trying to reduce the amount of chemicals our household comes in contact with as much as possible.

    All of my pets have been rescued, not purchased, as I do not support pet stores that sell pets (and thus contribute to animal overpopulation). I use fleece & towels for my guinea pigs’ bedding, as they are reusable. I just throw the bedding in my energy efficient washer when its dirty.

    I am a vegetarian, which is much easier on the planet. I cook my own meals when I can. I support several wildlife charities. I try to consolidate my errands into fewer trips to conserve gas. I also employ strategic braking/acceleration patterns to conserve fuel. We are looking into getting a hybrid, or the Nissan Leaf.

    I use Freecycle to unload things I no longer need as well as get stuff I would like. Most books I purchase are used, and I also swap them with friends.

    I am insisting that work done on our new home includes as much eco-friendliness as possible (Low VOC paint, using reclaimed wood, & making sure that any waste/stuff removed from the house is recycled if possible).

    I reuse the backs of printed paper for scrap. That’s all I can think of for now!

  27. Lanita says

    I try to do my part. I just bought a vermiculture worm farm this weekend at the Farmer’s Market so we can compost our food waste. I recycle glass, paper, plastic, chipboard – everything permissible in our city. WIve started to introduce more natural cleaners into our home, are slowly making the switch to more organic produce/meat/dairy and just bought a share in a local farm CSA!

  28. Terri says

    We recycle all plastic and metal. We take any paper/cardboard products to a place that turns it into insulation. We take clothing to Salvation Army and consignment stores. Most of our lights are fluorescent and we turn them off when not in rooms. We use reusable grocery bags. We also have energy-efficient appliances. I am considering a garden this year, but it may be more for the deer than for our family. :)

  29. clodyo says

    We have eliminated harsh cleaning chemicals from our house. Vinegar, baking soda and lemons are the cleaners we use – and they work well! We have more recycling than garbage each week, too!

  30. Jamie says

    We’re really trying to do better about using washable containers in our lunches instead of plastic bags and reusable totes for groceries. Doing a little goes a long way!

  31. Jamie says

    Just subscribed via google reader – yay! :)
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..My Favorite Giveaways =-.

  32. says

    I have changed almost all of my cleaning products over to greener alternatives. Love Seventh Gen!
    Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  33. traci s says

    we recycle and are trying to remember to use our reusable bags more then plastic bags

  34. Lyndsey says

    I have switched from my swiffer floor cleaner to the shark steam mop with reusable pads!

  35. bree says

    To be green we have stopped buying paper towels and have napkins I throw in the wash when they are icky

  36. judith says

    We started buying locally grown produce and meats. We’ve switched to ‘green” cleaning products.

  37. Michelle VR says

    I recycle as much as i can, i reuse everything, switched all my light bulbs to energy efficient ones, replaces my drafting old windows. everything is also plugged into powercords so i can turn it off when i leave :)

  38. denise says

    We have changed out our lightbulbs, use our own shopping bags, and eat meat one time less a week.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  39. Renee says

    I recycle – don’t buy water in bottles, use my own and Im sure there is more, but I can’t think right now.

    I get your emails, you are on my FB page.

  40. jill says

    Stopped using our outdoor lighting at night (nightscaping to light up house), bring own bags to grocery store, in process of changing lightbulbs, changing over time to green paper and cleaning products, as well as buying more organic.

  41. says

    FYI- Seventh Generation is a very politically active company. I would recommend consumers read up on their political stances before deciding if they want to buy their products.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Perspective =-.

  42. Talya says

    My family doesn’t go completely overboard with ‘greening,’ but we have been using all natural, non-toxic cleaners, including laundry detergent, for years. So far I find that these products work just as well as the conventional items, without the odors that make you fear a disease onset with every use!

    The only thing I would LOVE to find is a dishwasher detergent that is ‘green’ and actually works. Have tried several brands (including 7th GEN), and all leave a white residue on my dishes.

  43. says

    We recycle like crazy! I have started to clean our tub with vinegar and baking soda, that seems to be very good at getting it clean. This way I can save my 7G cleaning products for the little clean ups and not use too much of it. We love Seventh Generation products and are constantly using them in our home. My daughter uses the diapers but I try to minimize them by alternating with cloth also so as not to use too many and fill up the landfills.

  44. Casey says

    I just signed up for your emails! I look forward to getting new and exciting deals from you! Thanks!

  45. Jen says

    We try to be as GREEN as possible! I use cloth bags when shopping (my husband calls me the “bag lady”), clean almost everything with Seventh Generation, environmentally friendly products or just vinegar and water, as well as recycle all we can in our town. I have taught my 2 children to help our Earth too. They will ask if things can be recycled and look for the triangle on everything before putting in the correct bin. We love Jack Johnson’s song: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I also try to bike or walk as many places as I can. We live in a small town that has shops, post office, library, school and parks nearby that help with that. I try to go 1or 2 days a week without using my car. Every little thing we do can help reduce our carbon footprint on our planet! Thanks for everything you do, I have saved lots of $ from your website!! :)

  46. Ashley says

    We use reusable bags, recycle everything our city will pick up, plant a garden, buy organic milk/fruits/veggies, limit ourselves to two tanks of gas per month, and buy as many recycled materials as possible (napkins, paper towels, etc.)

  47. Amy says

    Now that our city has a more frequent recycling pickup we have gotten much better about recycling a larger percentage of our waste. I’ve also stocked up on and gotten in the habit of using reusable bags when I shop.

  48. Misty says

    We’ve installed Energy star appliance and have cut our gasoline consumption by 1/3. We’ve also conquered potty training. No more diapers!

  49. Beth says

    I use a motor scooter rather than my car for most errands that I can’t do by walking.

  50. Trisha Lynn says

    I started recycling this year which is something that I always said I should do but never took the effort to do!

  51. Anita says

    I clean homes for a living and instead of using paper towels I use white hand towels and wash and reuse them again.

  52. says

    Today I bought mesh bags to put my produce in at the grocery store! Now I just need to figure a way around the bread bag, short of baking my own bread every dang day. (Not going to happen.)

  53. Maura says

    With the exception of family cloth, we have gone paper free! It saves me money and only took about a week of reaching for a paper towel or paper napkin before I instinctively reached for a cloth substitute.

  54. eunice b says

    we recycle and use cloth grocery bags…also turn off lights when leaving the room

  55. eunice b says

    i’ve been subscribed in google reader, and appreciate the giant and weis deals!

  56. Kelly says

    We have started using cloth diapers and cloth wipes for our daughter, and this spring/summer we will be doing our own gardening.

  57. Amanda says

    I subscribed to your feed via e-mail.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Lambda sister raises money for brain tumor research =-.

  58. Amanda says

    I posted the link to my Facebook page.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Lambda sister raises money for brain tumor research =-.

  59. gingham says

    I have gone to reusable bags this year. We also have solar panels which reduce our electricity use by 1/3 to 1/2 depending on the time of year.

  60. Jolene says

    We recycle as much as possible, use reusable grocery bags, turn off lights, and much more. It’s amazing how much money you can save while saving the environment.

  61. Jennifer G says

    We recycle, we always turn the lights off when we leave a room, use CFL light bulbs and have adjusted our a/c thermostat to 80 during the day when we are at work and I carpool to work.

  62. Jeni says

    We’ve switched to reusable bags. I also just replaced the lights in my house to energy efficient bulbs.

  63. Winnie says

    We use reusable cups and dishes, even straws. We do not use paper towels, got a recycle bin from the city and recycle what is acceptable.

  64. says

    The best thing my family and I have done for the environment this year is to actually REMEMBER to bring our reusable bags to the market, we also got a more efficient washer, bought no VOC paint when we did our house, and have remained committed to not buying “stuff”. I would love to try these cleaners, we are currently trying out the babyganics brand.
    .-= Celia´s last blog ..wah =-.

  65. says

    This year we changed all our light bulbs in the house and started recycling!! And yes trying to remember those reusable bags at the grocery store, I am getting better!!

  66. Lauren says

    I have tried using different products in my cleaning regimen such as vinegar, baking soda and tea trea oil. I feel less chemicals are not only better for the environment, but for the house as well.

  67. Tricia Andrews says

    I have started to buy locally grown food, I only use reuseable grocery bags, and I try to do all my errands in one outing to save gas emissions!

  68. Marlena U. says

    We recycle, have reduced the amount of paper products we use and carry reusable shopping bags with us.

  69. Stephanie says

    We have been trying to educate ourselves and we’ve started to switch over to Energy Star (when we can afford it) so we don’t use any more energy than we need to.

  70. Dawn says

    We started composting, increased our recycling, and do rain water collection for our garden. We also used cloth bags, and all more all natural products (no chemical additives). Also, installed a front loader washing machine. We still have a long ways to go but we are working on going green.

  71. Lara says

    We changed all the light bulbs out to the energy saving kind and it really made a big difference – proof in the electric bill :)

  72. Beth says

    We are serious recyclers, have changed our light bulbs to more efficient ones and try to eat lots of unprocessed food so we have less garbage. I’m learning to use cloth bags instead of plastic, but am still working on that habit.

  73. shirley says

    We recycle our newspapers, cans, bottles, and we buy containers to put our lunch in verses using sandwich bags…

  74. Laurie says

    We recycle all of our paper – I print my coupons on the back of any blank sheet and we take the rest of our paper to a recycling bin at our church.

  75. MJ Navin says

    we just started composting, we use cold water when doing laundry, buying natural cleaning products such as 7th generation,

  76. Kathy says

    we changed all the lightbulbs we could to flourescent. Brought down our electric bill too!

  77. Kelly says

    We use two recycle carts from the city.
    I’m try to remember to take my reusable bags to the store more!