What Grocery Stores Have Pink Slime In Their Meats?


A little less than a year ago, I bought a half of a pastured grass-fed cow.  You can read more about why I decided to pay $6/lb for beef, but the bottom line is that I wanted to to what went in to my food and that the beef that we were eating came from 1 healthy cow, not a mixture of 15 different cows that were all ground together in some giant machine.

I first heard about pink slime (also known as “Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings – BLBT” or “Lean Finely Textured Beef – LFTB”) while watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and how it was used to make chicken nuggets at fast food places.  It never occurred to me that it might be in the ground beef that I buy in the stores.  Then Alecia left this comment about pink slime on a post, and I was even more certain that I had made the correct decision to buy that cow.

Pink Slime has been in the news quite a bit recently, as it has been revealed that it IS in the ground beef that we buy in 70% of the supermarkets in the US.  Coupons Deals and More has put together a national list of what stores do and do not use pink slime in their meats.

For my local readers, here are the stores in Southeast PA and their position on pink slime:

  • A&P (Pathmark, Superfresh) – does not use pink slime
  • Giant (Ahold) – Stores operated by the divisions of Ahold USA do carry ground beef made with Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings (BLBT), also called Finely Textured Beef (FTB) UPDATE: Giant has stated that they will no longer be using pink slime in their meats
  • Genuardi’s (Safeway) – does We rely on the federal government to help guide us on food safety issues. USDA has been clear in its judgment that Lean Finely Textured Ground Beef is a safe source of nutrition. However, we are reviewing the matter at this time.
  • Acme (SuperValu)) – does use pink slime UPDATEAcme has stated that they will no longer be using pink slime in their meats
  • Wegmans does (sorta) While most ground beef contains a small percentage of boneless lean beef trimmings, our processor does not use ammoniated meat products in the production of fresh ground beef
  • Weis Supermarket does use pink slime in their ground beef UPDATE:  Weis has stated that they will no longer be using pink slime in their meats
  • Shop RiteLaura noted on the Moms Need To Know Facebook page that “ShopRite has come out publicly to state that they’ve never used “pink slime” either, and 100% of their ground beef is ground at the store”

These are just Philadelphia-area stores.  Check out a list of stores in other areas as well as national chains at Coupons Deals and More!

What do you think about pink slime?  Will you change your buying habits because of the list?


  1. Aseret Beer via Facebook says

    Thanks for the info! From now on I’ll only be buying my meat at Costco.

  2. Jennifer says

    I wonder how much pink slime I’ve consumed…. I shop at Weis and Giant all of the time and frequently bought hamburger meat there. We do have a locally owned grocery store near us that the news reports does not use pink slime and that’s Karns. I’m in the Harrisburg, PA area so there may be some throughout PA but not sure how far it branches out. They always have the best meat; deals and taste. They process all of their hamburger on their own.

  3. Todd Bullock via Facebook says

    This photo pops up all the time with different consumer warning messages. It’s actually a box being filled with fast-food strawberry soft-serve ice cream. It is not meat.

  4. Todd Bullock via Facebook says

    …and I could be wrong – snopes has changed it’s article since I saw this months ago.

    • Mindi Cherry says

      Laura mentioned on the Moms Need To know Facebook Fan Page that ShopRite has come out publicly saying they do NOT use it….will update the post with that info!

  5. Misty Carver via Facebook says

    Ok wait, I’m confused. Is this product used in beef and chicken products? I’ve heard fast food restraunts use this in their chicken, but then it’s not really “chicken” by any stretch of the imagination is it? Or is it the process that is used in both beef and chicken? Having a blonde moment. :)

  6. says

    Misty – from what I have read, they are similar processes, but not exactly. “pink slime” is actually not the completely accurate term for what is done with beef (it is more accurate for chicken), but since the processes are so similar and the result is equally gross (a filler made from parts that would typically be fit only for dog food and that has been sprayed with ammonia), most people are using the names interchangeably for beef and chicken

  7. Ashlee J says

    After watching Food, Inc. about a year ago and learning about the ammonia washed, pink slime that we consume, we immediately switched to organic, grass fed beef and will be purchasing a half of a grass-fed cow from a local farmer this year. The monetary cost is MUCH cheaper than what the alternative is costing us health wise. Ew!

  8. lizzacat says

    thank goodness i switched to ground turkey years ago!! healthier, tastier, but sadly more expensive

  9. says

    now when the list says that costco doesnt use pink slime, that only includes their fresh products right? i am wondering if the tysons chicken nuggets i buy in bulk and feed to my kids are slimed too. do you know where i can find out? i am very disappointed that giant eagle uses pink slime in their meats except for the nature’s basket.

    • Mindi Cherry says

      thanks for the link – but the article still states that the beef is shot with ammonia (or ammonia gas).

      I am not going to tell anyone else what to do, but as for me? I prefer my meat/food to not contain the same active ingredient as my floor cleaner

  10. says

    Megan Guterl Benham – I assume it only counts for their fresh meats at Costco. I’m not sure about Tyson. I would check their website and if you can’t find a statement from them, use their contact form to ask!

    Katy Olcay Stevens – that’s all well and good,but Snopes is not the end-all-be-all. The process STILL involves shooting the food that I feed to my kids with the same active ingredient as is in my floor cleaner…and it’s use is banned for human consumption in the UK…and these are the parts that were previously sold for dog food.

    All to save about $0.03/lb in a manufacturing process

  11. Katy Olcay Stevens via Facebook says

    Agree, I buy organic myself…just put it up so we could see the dif between the beef process and the chicken one. Regardless of what snopes says, I won’t eat it and I won’t feed it to my child.

  12. Doug says

    I am really furious that I was consuming products that I would never have purchased had I known. If Pink Slime is nothing but meat, were they adding more fat back into the ground beef when they added the pink slime.

    Interesting story is that the Grocery store chains are now saying that they are not purchasing future ground beef, but they are not emptying out their inventory and the inventory in the pipeline that they already purchased. How much in the future do they purchase ahead of time.

    I am going to find a local butcher and make sure that they are grinding meat and nothing but the meat into my burgers. Chain Stores (i.e. Giant, Weis) were complicit in this awful breach of the public trust.

    And to think Weis’s first response was to state that they follow Federal Guidelines instead of addressing the question whether they were adding Pink Slime to their meats. When I cornered a Manager at Weis, he told me that the only ground beef that didn’t have the Pink Slime in it could only be found in their meat showcase and that all their other ground beef contained it.

    It really made me sick to think that I had consumed it and worse yet that my family consumed it.

  13. Brianne Streck says

    As a farmer and livestock producer, I’d like to share a few facts to help you become better informed consumers. My family’s livelihood depends on you; the consumer of the corn, soybeans, pork, beef, and chicken that we raise and like it or not, you depend on us to put food on your table. I urge you to become better educated about the real truth around this issue and agriculture in general.

    Lean finely textured beef was developed to increase efficiency of the meat produced by hard working family farmers across the United States. The process has recovered enough additional beef from the bone that it has reduced the need for 1.5 million additional head of cattle each year. This has reduced our “carbon footprint” that so many talk about, and has enabled us to do better with our resources in order to feed more with less.

    The title of pink slime is nothing but a catchy and housewife-scaring nickname for a product that is 100% safe and edible. As far as I understand it, the general concern that you have is not about the beef but about the Ammonium hydroxide that is added. Ammonium hydroxide is ammonia combined with water. Ammonia (NH3) is a compound consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. Both ammonia and ammonium hydroxide are very common compounds, found naturally in the environment (in air, water, and soil) and in all plants and animals, including humans. Ammonia is a source of nitrogen, an essential element for plants and animals. Ammonia is also produced by the human body – by our organs and tissues and by beneficial bacteria living in our intestines. Ammonia also helps maintain the body’s pH balance. Amazing, huh? A nutrient essential to our healthy living!

    And when it comes right down to it, the real loser in this situation is the millions of working Americans who will now be forced to spend more of their hard-earned money to feed themselves and their families. As a proponent of coupon clipping, I know you value money. America’s food supply is safe and abundant thanks to the hard work of American Farmers and Ranchers and the processes used in our processing facilities are 100% safe.

    Please take the time to do a little more research before you make decisions based on emotion. I’d be more than happy to answer questions you might have about agriculture.

    Thank you.