Keurig Vue Brewer Deal | $160 After Coupon Code And Kohl’s Cash! (or a Keurig B60 for $100)

The Keurig Vue is the new hot Keurig brewer and it is priced at about $240-$250 EVERYWHERE with very few discounts.

Through May 3, 2012, here is how to get a Keurig Vue for just $160 after discount code and Kohl’s cash:

  1. Head to Kohl’s and put the Keurig Vue in your shopping cart. The price will be $249.99
  2. Either add some V-cups to your cart (please note: the Keurig Vue is NOT compatible with traditional K-cups), or you can do what I did…find a $2 pair of baby socks. You just need to get your order over $200 AFTER the code is applied!
  3. Use the code SUNSHINE20 to take 20% off your order. The price for the Keurig Vue will drop to $199.99 (+ your applicable sales tax)
  4. As long as you added ANYTHING to get your post-code price over $200, you will receive $40 Kohl’s cash in your email.
  5. Final price: $160 after code and Kohl’s cash!

Just FYI – I can find almost NO deals on the V-cups.  I only added the socks to “test” this deal….I have a Keurig B60 and it is working fine, so I don’t need a new one.  It might be a good idea to take advantage of the Kohl’s Coupon Code combined with the Kohl’s cash to stock up on V-cups (and then use your Kohl’s cash to buy more V-cups next week!

OR – if you want to stick with the traditional Keurig B60 that takes K-cups, you can get a Keurig B60 for just $100 after code and Kohl’s Cash:

  • Head to Kohls and add the Keurig B60 to your cart. Your price will be $149.99
  • Use code SUNSHINE20 to take 20%
  • Pay $119.99 (+ tax). Shipping will be free.
  • You will receive $20 in Kohl’s Cash via email.
  • Net price: $100 (+ tax) after discount and Kohl’s cash!