Keurig Vue Packs Deals | as low as $0.63 each!

If you have a Keurig Vue, you know that the deals on the Vue Packs are not as good as they are for the K-cups. I had a few requests for some deals on the Vue Packs and this is what I found:

:: (Best Deal!)

Get 2 16-packs for as low as $19.96 ($0.63 each) – at the $19.96 price, you would be getting 2 16-packs of Nantucket Brew-Over-Ice. For $1 more per pack, you can take your choice of several hot coffees

:: Kohl’s

They have several Keurig 16-packs on sale for $13.99 each. Use the code BLACKFRI to take 15% off your price, bringing the price down to $11.79 each ($0.74 each)

Everywhere else that I have seen has them priced at at least $1 each, so these are about the best deals that you are going to find right now!