Kmart: $25 Gift Card With Prescription Transfer

Gift cards when you transfer prescriptions are always awesome!

Use these coupons to get a $25 Kmart Gift Card with any prescription transfer.  There are actually 4 coupons, so you can get up to $100!

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  1. says

    Don’t forget that most CVS stores will take coupons from other stores. We use the Kmart coupons for gift cards all the time there so this coupon is even more awesome! Thanks.

    • jamie says

      I think cvs stopped accepting coupons last month. At least that is what the local cvs told me.

  2. scott says

    Watch outI I was told at my local they are only valued to what you pay in a co-pay. For example a $5 co-pay with my plan got me a $5 gift card and not $25. I have never come across this before at other stores.

  3. says

    It must be up to each CVS, I have used 2 of these already and my total for one came to $2.54…so they paid me to take it. Now that is on a prescription that I get monthly so the total for 12 months will be just over $25.