Mega Swagbucks Day!

If you are new to Swagbucks, don’t forget to check out my Guide to Getting More Swagbucks!

It’s yet another Friday and that means it is MegaSwagbucks day! Today is the day to make sure that you are using Swagbucks for all of your searches!

Swagbucks will be awarding Swagbucks in greater increments today! If you signed up for Swagbucks and keep forgetting to use it, today would be a good day to jump back in! Ditto if you have to sign up!

Don’t forget to download the Swagbucks toolbar to make your searching easier. I used to forget to use Swagbucks for my searching all the time. But now that my default search in my navigation bar is Swagbucks, I am earning them way quicker than I used to! I even usually get a Swagbuck just for opening my browser window each morning!

Swagbucks is the easiest way I have found to earn gift cards! As I earn the gift cards, I just dump them in my account and then I have a credit balance for whenever I want to buy something!

Make sure you are following Moms Need To Know on Facebook to keep up with the latest Swagcodes that have been released. When Swagbucks puts a code on their blog, it is usually only good for a few hours, so I end up posting them on the MNTK Fan page instead of here!)


  1. MSalluzzo says


    Laugh at me all you like….. but I can not understand swagbucks at all. Not in any manner, not in any format. I am a very technical person, I program computers in .Net and various other languages on a daily basis. I navigate the internet pretty well, but this site has me completely and utterly confused.

    If anyone has any help/information/guidance, I will find a way to repay your kindness. I have read the thread on this site, but I apologize I am still lost.

    Thank you for any help.

  2. says


    It’s been 3 months I have joined swagbucks and all I have got is $5 paypal card.
    SBTV , Sweepstakes, NOSO doesn’t run in my country and I think I get only 1 survey per month where I qualify.
    Any tips for me ?
    Thanks much !