Menu Plan Monday: Frugal Fat Fighters Edition

Here’s a peek at what we are eating this week.  I know it isn’t very exciting, but we are eating from the pantry & freezer this week (although I haven’t told Brad that yet!).  Produce will be mainly salad (with the Fresh Express $1 coupons), apples, bananas & squash (all of which is super-cheap right now) and frozen veggies that I got for next to nothing with sales & coupons.

Daily Breakfasts: 

Cereal and bananas, milk

toasted light english muffin with 1/3 cup light cottage cheese & raisins

Yoplait Light, toast & coffee

waffles and cereal for the kids


Egg Salad on a bed of lettuce

Boca Burger w/cheese on light english muffin, salad, milk (2 days)

Progresso Light Soup, salad, milk (2 days)

frozen Weight Watchers or South Beach entrees (2 days)

(may substitute leftovers from dinner)


Monday:  Breakfast Night!  waffles (make a triple batch and freeze extra for kids breakfasts) (light syrup for me)

Tuesday:  Layered Mexican casserole, salad

Wednesday:  Red Beans & Rice, salad, homemade bread

Thursday:  Leftover Cheesy Mexican Casserole for me, Green Giant Valley Steamers (free from a $10/10 sale and $1 coupons).  Chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese for the kids (Brad is working late)

Friday:  Pizza for the kids & Brad (will buy one of the huge ones that are $5 on Monday from Genuardi’s and keep in freezer) before trick-or-teating.  Leftover Red Beans & Rice for me

Saturday:  Breaded chicken cutlets (breaded in Fiber One crumbs for me, regular bread crumbs for the rest of the family), cheesy butternut bake (I won’t tell the kids it is squash), salad

SundayShrimptastic Hungry Girl Fettucine Alfredo (made with whole wheat pasta and Valley Steamers Broccoli) 


Pumpkin Muffins

Sugar-free Jello

Apples & Bananas (super cheap right now)

Baby carrots and homemade fat-free dip

Progresso Light soups (the Weight Watchers zero-point ones)

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  1. Manisha says

    Looks good, Mindi! I could eat red beans and rice for my whole life, but DBF isn’t a fan. Here’s our plan. This keeps us on track with money AND weight.

    *Instant Breakfast for DBF (the milk is expensive, but it’s better than drive through McDonalds)
    *Yogurt, Fruit, or Oatmeal for me

    *Roast Beef Sandwiches (leftover from a roast I made the other day)
    *PB and J Sandwiches
    *Progresso Soup and Crackers
    *Fruit, Carrots (left over from the buck a bag sale)
    *Diet Lipton tea (free with coupons) or Diet Turkey Hill tea (free from a friend), canned soda for DBF
    *DBF will be home some days this week, which he’ll eat something like pasta with sauce or fish tenders

    Monday – Beef Chili (made with leftover roast beef and lots of mushrooms, carrots, onions, and green peppers), corn bread muffins from the freezer (homemade)
    Tuesday – Leftover Chili with sandwich bread
    Wednesday – Ham and Macaroni/Cheese, Frozen Veggie of some kind, Milk
    Thursday – Fast Fixings (Free!), Oven Baked Homemade Fries, Frozen Veggies (Maybe Broccoli with cheese sauce?)
    Friday – Homemade Sausage Pizza (homemade crust and pizza sauce, leftover frozen sausage bits, maybe a small onion), Salad (buck a bag sale)

    *Eddy’s Ice Cream (1.33/container a few weeks ago) for DBF
    *Skinny Cow Ice Cream SW for me (got them dirt cheap with a sale and coupon)
    *Hot cocoa
    *Leftover scones/muffins from the coffee shop – they give them to us free if we are there when they are closing.