New Hatfield Coupons: $1 Off Ham Steaks and $1 Off Fresh Sausage

The Hatfield coupons have been a little lacking lately and on a whim I decided head to the Hatfield website to see if they added any new ones. Quite frankly, I tried to log in under what I THOUGHT was my username and they either purged me from the system, or I used an email that I have since forgotten. Bottom line? I had to create a new account to see if there were any coupons!

And here is what I got for registering a new account:

Save $1/1 ANY Hatfield Fresh Sausage

Save $1/1 Hatfield Ham Steak

Hatfield Ham steaks go on sale for about $2 to $2.50 (they are on sale at Redners for just $2 this week), so this makes it pretty cheap!

If you already have an account – let us know if current members are getting the same coupons!

As a reminder, you can NOT Photocopy coupons!  You can find more coupons in the Coupon Database

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