Oscar Mayer Coupon: $1 Off Selects *HURRY*

This coupon likely won’t last long!

Right now you can grab a $1/1 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Selects coupon!

If you can’t see it,  try zip code 19473!

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  1. Super Saver Joe says

    Wow thanks so much for the hot dog coupons, I have taken to buying the nitrate free Oscar Mayer Premium lately and they are considered “selects”. Walmart has them for under 2 bucks all the time- they are the last low price point OM hot dog before “expensive” ones.I like to know I am avoiding one more chemical that is a migraine trigger for ME (and many) -I know it is one of my triggers because a tiny bit of red wine used to be like someone smashed my head in with a brick. (red wine , aged cheeses, preserved meats= no fun for me sometimes)

  2. Michelle says

    Ethics is Ethics. It only takes one person to ruin for the rest of us trying to be honest and do what is right.
    You Tell is like it is!