Philadelphia Inquirer: No More Redplum Coupons?

It seems that the Philadelphia Inquirer has dropped the RedPlum circular from the Sunday papers!  There is just one word that comes to mind….POOP! (well – that wasn’t the EXACT word that I screamed, but this is a family-friendly site).

Those of us used to getting the RedPlum in the Inquirer are now going to have to get creative!  Luckily, I was still able to get several copies of the RedPlum insert this past Sunday simply by picking up a different paper…the Pottstown Mercury (and there were 2 other newspaper options for my area to get it as well!).

So how can you find out how to get the RedPlum?

Go here and enter your address.  Once you do that, it will tell you if your area is scheduled to get your weekly Redplum insert in the mail or not.  If there are still newspapers in your area that will be carrying the RedPlum insert, it will tell you that too!

Now – in some areas, you may have to get more creative!  For instance, I entered my mother’s Wynnewood zip code and was told that she will get it in the mail with no other newspaper options.  However, I am sure that if I went to a Wawa near her house, there would be other newspapers available that might have the RedPlum insert.  Unfortunately, you are going to need to be a little research if you still want to get your RedPlum coupons.  It’s time to look at the smaller more local newspapers!



  1. cait305 says

    My circulars come on Thurs/Fri. Did you find the RP insert in the Sunday paper or one of the more inexpensive daily papers?

  2. Diane K. says

    My father-in-law who worked for Kraft told me that these companies have to pay for the advertising to have coupons in the newspaper. Often, they just pay for the bigger outlets so for us in WV, we get very few coupons in our local papers. We have to buy the Baltimore Sun which is only found at one gas station in our county. This gas station only carried 10-12 copies so you had to get there early. They finally increased their subscription but you still have to get there early!

  3. says

    I am so bummed! Poop is the word. LOL

    I can get a tiny version of the RP in the Wilmington News Journal but plan to check out the Baltimore Sun this weekend. I guess there will be no more sleeping in a little bit before church on Sundays. :( I don’t think the WaWa near us carries very many of them.

    The News Journal’s RP is usually filled with a few coupons and a ton of junk ads. Guess they think people in DE don’t need so many coupons? I have no idea.

    Back to comparing papers again! Why can’t good things always last?

  4. Jennifer Y. says

    I plugged in my address and got these: CHESTER DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES,
    NORRISTOWN TIMES HERALD, WEST CHESTER LOCAL NEWS. Does anyone know if these newspapers carry the coupons in the Sunday edition or another day?? Thanks

    • Jane B. says

      The Daily Local News, which I think is the West Chester Local News, still carries the RedPlum in the Sunday paper.

  5. Courtney says

    Is there any website where you can find out what papers you can get the smartsource insert in? I get a version of it, but I’m not getting all the same coupons that you are mentioning…… what paper do you get your Smart Source inserts from? Thanks! :)

  6. Tirade says

    Red Plum left the newspapers in my region several months ago. I get the Red Plum insert in the mail every week, but the only stuff in it are sales circulars and Pizza Hut coupons. None of the “real” coupons that everybody else gets on Sunday. I’ve sent several e-mails and made numerous angry phone calls to Red Plum, but the geniuses over there decided that my zip code wasn’t worthy of real coupons. I’m open to suggestions on how to get my coupons back.

    Meanwhile, I started buying the Red Plum coupons I’m most interested off of e-Bay. The sellers are very good about getting them in the mail in time before sales end.

  7. christa says

    Glad to hear that I didn’t throw mine out last week. I was kicking myself thinking that I did.

  8. says

    I thought something was a miss with this weeks paper! I suddenly got a Red Plum in my store circular inserts and none in my Inquirer. Looks like I will have to start going to Bensalem to buy my paper. I mean it’s close, but not THAT close. Still a 20 min drive. Though when up on Street Road this week I did notice that Dollar Tree carries newspapers up there… so maybe it won’t be so bad after all!

  9. linda says


    I couldn’t figure out how to get this in the right place, but wanted to let you know that I went to the Superfresh in Trappe today and found out that they are closing the store at the end of January. I wasn’t sure if you were aware of this. Apparently, the employees found out after Christmas…

    • Nece says

      Do you know what date Superfresh in Trappe is closing? Did they start doing any store discounts yet?

      • linda says

        They are closing January 31. I didn’t really look for really good store discounts because I walked in to get some items that were advertised on sale for the week and noticed immediately how most of the shelves were empty in the store and it looked like the one or two workers in the store (since there are never very many in there anyway) were packing items into boxes instead of stocking the shelves for discounts….It was very weird!!! I couldn’t find the sale items and then when I went to checkout that is when I realized no one was behind any registers r customer service and I was looking around for help and that is when I realized something was going on… I have gotten so used to this store not being busy during the day that I didn’t think anything of it at first….I guess the average person would have walked in and stopped cold….but that store has just been dead for so long that I didn’t realize the difference.

        I won’t even waste my time going back to look for sales.

  10. Shannon says

    So that explains why I only got an SS insert in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday. Eh, now I have to figure out which paper to buy next week… Thanks for the info, Mindi!

  11. Michelle says

    THanks for the post! I was wondering what happened. I am in Chester Springs so I get the same papers as you. I thought about getting another paper but was so busy with my boys Lacrosse games that I didn’t make it to the store. Which papers have the best coupons, now that the Inquirer has dropped Red Plum?

  12. dalia says

    OMG…thank you so much for this info. I went crazy on sunday cuz i couldnt figure out what was going on. i got my paper delivered on saturday but no RP qs. so on sunday, going to visit my bf, i went into wawa ((levittown)). and when i got home, no RP qs either!!! i was going crazy. i emailed the inquirer about it and they said they were mailing them out. gosh — i hope they are mailing the RP ones :(

  13. Monique says


    Do you know what day the Red plum coupons come in the Mercury? Sunday? or during the week?


  14. Carrie says

    I just got my Daily Local today and there is no redplum? Any one else? Last weeks had them. Maybe my paper is just missing it?