Rite Aid 101

Current Rite Aid Coupon Matchups and Deals

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:: +UP Rewards Program

+UP Rewards are very similar to the Extra Care Bucks program at CVS, in that they are coupons that appear at the bottom of your receipt when you purchase a qualifying item and can be used towards any other item in the store (with certain exclusions such as tobacco, stamps, etc, as required by law).

Qualifying +UP Rewards items can be found in the weekly circular. As of this date (2/9/2013), +UP Rewards will “roll”, meaning that you can use an +UP Reward to pay for another item that is generating an +UP Reward and still receive a new +Up Reward. +UP Rewards are not available to be used on future purchases until 6:00am the next day.

:: Video Values Coupons

These are Rite Aid store coupons that you can stack with manufacturers coupons for even greater savings.  Simply watch a short video and then you can choose to either print the coupons or load them to your Wellness card.  See the current list of Rite Aid Video Values coupons!

:: Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Rite Aid allows the use of 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 Rite Aid coupons per item.  Manufacturers coupons are redeemed at face value…Rite Aid does not double coupons.

Rite Aid will frequently put coupons in their ads that are labeled “Manufacturers Coupon”.  Check the bar code on those coupons:  If the serial number starts with the letters “RC” then they are actually Rite Aid coupons (because they can only be redeemed at Rite Aid) and can be stacked with a manufacturers coupon (meaning that you can both coupons on the same item!)

It is with coupons that you can turn an +UP Rewards deal in to a moneymaker!   Rite Aid frequently has “free after rebate” items.

For example:  Let’s say that Crest Toothpaste is on sale one week for $2.99 with a $2.99 +UPR and you have a $1 coupon.  If you use the coupon, you will only pay $1.99 (plus tax, where applicable) and still be able to get a $2.99 +UPR.

See the current Rite Aid Coupon Policy!

If you have any questions or I missed anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. Kristy says

    When Rite Aid bought out Eckert, my family was getting our prescriptions there and I dealt with the pharmacy a lot. It didn’t seem like a smooth transition and the pharmacy always seemed understocked, understaffed, and overstressed. The pharmacists were nice but they were never at my closest store more than once and many times I couldn’t even get my prescriptions. I stopped going to Rite Aid because of this. Recently I started going back just to shop and have found that they often don’t have the sale items in stock and I’ve been told to go to another location to get the items. Am I the only one who has had problems there?