Rite Aid: UP+ Rewards Start 6/6/10

So I was working on the Rite Aid post and it occurred to me that I have yet to mention the new UP+ Rewards that are starting this week!

What are UP+ Rewards? Simply put, they are additional savings coupons that will print at the bottom of your receipt (I can’t help but compare is to the ECBs at CVS).

According to the fine print of the ad, there is a limit of 1 UP+ Reward per item per transaction. As many of the items giving UP+ Rewards do not require the use use of your Wellness cards, I have to think that the UP+ Rewards are unlimited, so long as you split them in to separate transactions.

As far as I know, the UP+ rewards appear to roll, meaning that you can use them to purchase additional items that generate UP+ Rewards….we are just going to have to wait and see.

So now at Rite Aid we have:

Single Check Rebates
Wellness Card
UP+ Rewards

Shouldn’t get too confusing…right? (insert gigantic eyeroll here)

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