Semi-free FRS Healthy Energy Starter Kit

In the starter kit you get: 

  • 1 can of the FRS drink (25 calories per serving),
  • 14 packets of low-calorie powder (you mix it with your water; 10 calories each),
  • 30 of their 40-calorie chews
  • 10 ounce bottle of their concentrate, which makes 20 servings at 20 calories each

Just click here to get it.

Hungry Girl is always raving about this stuff and I love Hungry Girl!  I figured it was time to see what she is always talking about (now that I am getting back in to “diet mode”) and found out they have a free w/shipping offer!

I called them before I ordered to confirm, and shipping is only $6.95 within the U.S.

NOTE:  this is a 14-day trial offer and is really a good deal.  HOWEVER, if you do not call and cancel within the 14 days, you will be signed up for monthly shipments at a rate of $65/month.  If you don’t intend to continue with the shipments and/or you are really bad when it comes to remembering these kinds of things, PLEASE don’t sign up (and if you do and then forget and get charged $65, please don’t say I didn’t warn you!)