Share The Coupons With Other Shoppers!

I always joke that you can tell when it is the last few days of the month and I have been at the grocery store….because you can follow the trail of soon-to-be-expired coupons behind me!

By clipping my coupons each week and filing them in my binder, I often have coupons each week that will expire that I may not use.

And so, I become “The Coupon Fairy”…and you can be one too!

Are you in the cereal aisle and there are no good sales and you don’t really NEED cereal that week, but have coupons that will expire before you go shopping again?  Simply drop the coupons on the shelf!  The next person looking to buy cereal may be able to use them!

I no longer have children in diapers, but I always clip the diaper coupons.  Why?  Because I drop them on the shelves whenever I am in the store.  I remember the 8 years that I spent buying diapers every.single.week and every bit of savings helps! It’s a way to do your good deed for the day!

My friends have cats and I don’t (partly because Brad is allergic and partly because I think cats are evil creatures who suck out the breath of children), but each time I see them in the inserts, I clip the cat food and litter coupons and give them to them.  I also make it a point to let them know when those coupons can be maximized with a really good deal.

How do you share your savings with others?

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  1. says

    That’s funny I call myself the coupon fairy too.
    I give them right to people looking at the product with no apparent coupon to use, it makes people happy and I love that!