I Don’t Shop on Black Friday (and certainly not on Thanksgiving!)

Get Ready For Christmas

I have a confession to make: For all the Black Friday deals that I have been posting, I haven’t been to a store on Black Friday for at least 10 years!

There are several reasons for this and recovering from my turkey/wine coma is certainly one of them. I know that some people just LOVE to get up at 2:00am and hit the stores that morning. I am not one of them. Here’s why:

  1. The deals really aren’t that great any longer – certainly not “getting up at 2:00am-worthy”, in my opinion. If there is one thing that I know – it’s deals. I have been posting a bunch of Black Friday deals on things like Keurigs, XBoxes and more and, while there are some nice deals on those items, I have seen much better prices on a regular basis when shopping online.
  2. Many of the same deals are available online – and earlier than you can get them in the stores. I remember 2 years ago, sitting at my sister’s kitchen table Thanksgiving morning and being SHOCKED when some of the best deals that I had scheduled to post at midnight were already live on the websites. Last year, many of those deals went live on Wednesday afternoon. This year, some of those Black Friday deals are already available on the websites!
  3. I have to work. Ok – lame excuse, but I spend all day finding deals to post and this time of the year, the deals that I am posting are ones that I just bought for myself. I’ll be at my laptop at 4:00am on Black Friday looking to find deals for you guys 😉 .  As a bonus, I can shop from home and not have to put on mascara.
  4. I don’t like how people act on Black Friday Sure – there are plenty of people walking around the stores humming “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”…but there are even more people pushing, shoving and elbowing their way in front of you in order to get that Baby Fry Daddy at $2 cheaper than they can if they wait a week.  I’d rather spend the extra $2 and not be annoyed
  5. In-store Black Friday deals can be a budget buster.  Sure – you only went to Target to pick up that XBox for the kids, but while you are there, you might spy a great deal on a DVD, book, clothes, etc that wasn’t on your list and you CAN’T pass up that deal! With credit card spending being up this year, the last thing people need to be doing is making more “inpulse purchases!
  6. I don’t like how Black Friday is now Black Thursday.  I get that stores wouldn’t open on Thanksgiving if shoppers weren’t showing up, but I still don’t like it.  I know that some retailers pay their employees time-and-a-half-holiday pay (and some don’t), but I don’t like it. I know that stores aren’t opening until after most people are done with dinner anyway, but I don’t like it.  I know that some people WILL head out to the stores on Thursday night as a continuation of their “family time”, but I still don’t like it.  I have always felt that Thanksgiving was the ONE holiday that everyone in this country could agree on as a “day off” (except for essential jobs like police, fire, etc).  I’m not happy that it has become “just another shopping day”

So those are my reasons why I won’t be heading to the stores on Black Friday.  Some may be logical to you…some may seem silly to you.  But that is just how I roll 😉

Do you shop on Black Friday?  Why or why not?


  1. Heather Hilscher says

    I agree 100%!! But mostly I agree on #6!!! Thank you for saying it. We need to keep some days sacred. There are plenty of reasons to “justify” being open on Thanksgiving, but the bottom line is that we NEED to keep some things sacred. We’re talking about 1-2 days in 365. I think we can survive not shopping for those very brief 48 hours!!

  2. says

    I enjoy shopping Black Friday — kind of a social thing — but I never get up in the wee hours to stand in line.
    I agree completely with keeping stores closed in Thanksgiving. We have Black Friday and we have the ability to buy online. No store should be open on Thanksgiving.

  3. Kelly P says

    for me, black friday is all about leftovers, cleaning, decorating for christmas and a big pot of turkey rice soup bubbling away. and it should start w/pumpkin pie for breakfast 😉

  4. Diane Kinney says

    I am a reformed Black Friday shopper. I use to do it for the sales and great deals, but have been burned in recent years as the same sale is available later in the season or online (with free shipping!). It seems to me that the media and the retail industry have conspired to make people think they have to shop on Black Friday when really, it’s just another day.

  5. Robin says

    I so agree with everyone else. Why oh why do the stores have to be open at any time on Thangsgiving Day? The grocery store maybe, if we forgot something, but then close early so everyone can be home if they want to. The sales are a joke and people are just crazy to sleep or camp outside of a store. Thanksgiving hasa become like Christmas, who has the most stuff??Thanks Mindy.

  6. says

    I do Black Friday but in a really laid back, chilled kind of way. And have a girls’ lunch;). But I am with you on the deals. Some are good but most are meh. I did get a great deal last year on an xbox but that was a fluke;).

    I have heard that the deals this year are last year’s deals for the most part too;).

  7. Janice K. says

    Black Friday is supposed to be on FRIDAY, not Thursday….that’s my thought. I do shop on Black Friday though. It’s when my mom, sisters and I all get together. It’s fun. I’m typically done my shopping by then and just go to have fun :)

  8. says

    Thank you for a wonderful voice of reason! And especially #6. Honestly some days should be a bit special…. for everyone! This year I have been doing most of my shopping online, in my bedroom slippers, and finding great deals. Saving and saving! Hey I am cheap. And yes, breakfast for Black Friday should be pie!