Stock Up In The Summer | Cheap Meat and Condiments


Stocking up your freezer and pantry during the summer months can save you a lot of money!

Summer is all about grilling and in order to grill you need meat. When you cook meat, you normally need marinades and condiments. During the winter months marinades and condiments can end up costing you almost 75% more than during the summer months. Meat, especially steak, chicken and shrimp is much for affordable during the summer months. The reason for this is grocery stores and brands know these are the items you are going to buy during the summer. They will normally mark down these items, all with the hope you spend more buying other things while in the store.

So how do you save on meat, marinades and condiments? Keep reading!

Saving on Meat

During the summer months people celebrate Memorial Day, Graduation, 4th of July, Labor Day and family BBQ’s. Stores know when you throw these types of parties you will need a variety of items. They mark down the items you really need for your party (meat) and then mark up the prices on other items. However, even with the mark up on other items you can still walk out of the store saving a ton and having a stocked freezer! While you won’t normally find coupons for meat, you can still get some amazing savings!

First off look for meat that is on clearance. Most grocery stores will mark down meat to 50% off when it has hit the sale by date. Do not be put off by this, you still have plenty of time to purchase and get the meat in your freezer. You can even ask your store butcher what day of the week meat typically goes on clearance.

Secondly, stores normally run awesome promotions on meat during the summer months. Take advantage of these promotions and buy as much as your budget will allow. Spend some time at home separating the meat and getting in the freezer.

If you spend the summer months stocking up on meat, you will be well prepared for the winter.

Saving on Condiments

Mustard, ketchup, marinades, mayonnaise and other condiments are things we use all year. These are all things that will stay good in our pantry for at least a year if not longer!

During the summer months will find condiments at rock bottom prices. Honestly, you shouldn’t even pay more than $1 for condiments and sometimes you can even get condiments close to free!

Stores drastically slash the prices of condiments during the summer months and brand circulate a ton of coupons. Combine the rock bottom store prices, coupons and you are getting one heck of a deal! Purchase a variety of condiments and make sure you are stocked up for your family BBQ’s and the winter months!

TIP: Pay close attention to the sales during holiday weekends! You will find the best sales during these times. 

What are your best stock-up tips to save money in the summer?