Sunday Coupon Insert Preview | March 17, 2013

As a reminder, the value of the coupons that you find in your newspaper may vary from the value in the provided link! In addition, all of the stores in my area double coupons up to $.99 (so a $.75 coupon has a value of $1.50). If the stores in your area don’t double or your paper is more expensive, you may not find the coupons as valuable as I do!

Check out Sunday Coupon Preview for the complete listing of coupons. There should be 2 inserts this week: a SmartSource and a Redplum.

Don’t understand the terms or abbreviations that I use? Be sure to read my Coupon Lingo post!

Coupons of Note

:: SmartSource Coupons

Cracker Barrel $1/1 6oz+ block, cracker cuts or snacking bars:  they don’t put out many coupons

French’s $.30/1 classic yellow mustard:  the small glass jars should be priced at about $0.69 at many stores.  If your store doubles coupons, it should make for some super-cheap mustard.

Hasbro coupons:  if you like to put toys or games in the Easter baskets for your children, these should help you save some money doing just that!

Jennie-O $.75/1 12oz turkey bacon: goes on sale for as low as $1.50, making it free after doubled coupon

:: RedPlum Coupons

I’m not seeing anything exciting in this insert

So how many copies of the paper would I buy?

If I were building a stockpile: 3-4

Now that I am in stockpile-maintenance mode: 2-3

The SmartSource insert is fairly decent, but I’m not too excited about the Redplum insert

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