Ways To Save Money In College


Ways to Save Money in College

Pretty soon it will be time to hit the books and head off to college. You already have to worry about the expenses of paying for your books and paying for the classes and the rest of the school year, you don’t need to worry about your other expenses emptying your pocketbook as well!

Start a Simple Budget

If you are going to need to buy clothes, foods, and school supplies throughout the year, make sure you set up a simple budget at the beginning of the year. Know how much income you are bringing in (if you have a job or if you are dipping out of your savings account) and how much you will be able to spend on each category per month. Make sure to stick to this budget and don’t overspend!

Use Your Student Discount Everywhere

If you go out to eat or go shopping, make sure you ask if the store or restaurant offers a discount for students! You can also grab other cool freebies like a free subscription to Amazon Prime for Students to get free tv and movies to watch and free shipping on Amazon.

Save on Textbooks

Make sure to try and buy your textbooks used at the beginning of the year (just make sure they are the correct edition). If you bookstore doesn’t have a used copy, a quick Google search will bring up dozens of websites that sell textbooks. Also make sure to sell your books back to the store (or even the online store) that you bought them from at the end of the semester to make a little of your money back.

Don’t Spend Money on What You Don’t Need

You don’t really need that cup of gourmet coffee from the coffee shop, fill up your thermos at the cafeteria after breakfast instead. Buy snacks but stick with generic brands (or just ask your mom to send you some!). Not spending money on unnecessary things will end up saving you the most out of all the tips in the long run.

What are some tips you have for other college students on a budget?