Ways To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill


Save Money on Cellphones

Want to find a way to cut your expenses in your budget but you aren’t sure which part to look at? Maybe it’s time to take a good look at that cell phone bill.

Don’t just look at the amount, look at what you are spending money on; the breakdown of the bill. Do you pay for a data package? Do you pay for texting? Do you pay for extras like games and other apps?

Did you know that if you pay $30 per month in “extras” on your smartphone or cellphone including a data package or any of the above, that’s costing you an extra $360 per year! Do you really use that data package that much to be needing to spend that much per year on it?

Consider Your Extras

Take a good hard look at those extras on your bill. Do you need to download 3 new games a month? Are you really using that data package? Let’s look at the numbers…if you download 3 apps a month for $3 each, spend $30 a month on a data package, and spend $15 a month on a texting package, that adds up to $648 a year! Look over all of these things and decide what you could possibly cut out.

Look at a Different Plan

You may have a commitment to your cell phone provider until your contract is up but after that, all other plans are free game. Straight Talk offers a monthly plan as low as $30 (including texting and data!), Verizon offers a pay as you go plan that starts at $45 per month and also includes data and texting. Would something like that be something you could get by on?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are getting the best deal for your dollar and you are getting all the things you actually need!

Which cell phone provider do you use? How much do you spend on your cell phone bill in a month?


  1. says

    I save money with Solavei! It’s a $49 a month unlimited plan and they pay me money every month. Which I in turn use to help support children in Guatemala. It’s pretty cool. :)

  2. Sophie O. says

    It’s really hard when you are under contract with the companies because they know they have you and can charge you a ton of money for the texting and the data. What I did to help me save money until my contract is up and I can cancel is I signed up for this company called BillCutterz. They saved me $10 a month for the next year with my AT&T bill and didn’t have to remove or lower my package, which was very nice. They also helped me with my cable bill, which saved me from having to downgrade and loosing the package with all the kid channels. I highly recommend them for all the moms here.