What’s With All The Coconut Oil Deals Min?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting quite a few deals on coconut oil whenever it is on a good deal at Amazon.com. I have received more than a few comments and emails asking me about coconut oil, because for years it has received a “bad rap” as an unhealthy fat to be avoided.  I no longer believe that and, in fact, have switched over to coconut oil for most of the cooking in our house (aside from olive oil and butter..other very healthy fats).

Why have I done this? Let me ‘esplain…no – there is too much….let me sum up (bonus points for those who recognize the movie!)

Most of you know that I am friends with this chick.  What started as a casual “hey – let’s see each other at local blogger events relationship” turned in to many discussions about food (among other things).  Jo-Lynne has opened my eyes in many ways when it comes to food. While many of the changes that she has made are ones that my family is not yet ready for, she has inspired me.

And so one of the changes that I decided to make was reduce the influence of corn and corn-derived products in our lives….and we are getting rid of it.  Considering my ENTIRE extended family hails from Indiana (AKA “Corn Country”), I am SO not looking forward to the next Family Reunion in July (because I think some of them DO read this site)!

Anyway – enter Coconut Oil.

I could go on and on and try to create original wording about why we have switched to Coconut Oil, but I think that these bloggers say it better than I can:

The Truth About Coconut Oil at Faithful Provisions

More On Fats Particularly Coconut Oil and Lard at Musings of  Housewife

A New Look At Coconut Oil at Weston Price

Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant by Surviving the Stores

Please note that I am NOT a doctor (and in fact, picked my High School Biology partner by who I thought was most likely to let me get through the year without touching the frog), but these posts resonated with me and are the reason that we have switched.  Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

So what are your thoughts about Coconut Oil?


  1. Elizabeth says

    The movie is THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!!! I love that movie- it is EPIC! Now, what are my bonus points good for, lol?

  2. stacey says

    Started using coconut oil two weeks ago Mindi – and I love it! Hate that I missed your deal post though…I paid $11 for one Nutiva at the store :(. Thanks to you and Food Inc I am not doing HFCS anymore!! Sincerely, family who reads your site 😉

  3. Carrie says

    I have been using cocnut oil for a few months and my family loves it! It is great to bake with, too. My cookies seem to have a much richer flavor to them and I do not use as much as I would if using butter.

    Last night I steamed baby spinach and added some coconut oil and it was delicious – even my picky 4 YO ate it!

    Nutiva is very good. Make sure the coconut oil is extra virgin and unrefined.

  4. Katie says

    Well, I have never uised it for cooking, but your posts are making me want to! It is a great hair conditioner though! I comb it (in liquid form from the ethnic beauty supply store, although I do not have ethnic hair) through my damp hair and put on a plastic shower cap and go to bed, about once a month.