About Mindi

Who are you?

  • I’m Mindi!  Mom to 3, wife to 1, and bane of cashiers everywhere!

Why did you start this site?

  • I had been reading “frugal blogs” for quite some time, but the problem was that I could never seem to find ones with the deals for MY area grocery stores.  Then I figured that I wasn’t the only person in the Philadelphia area looking for deals.  And thus, yet another frugal blog popped up on the Internets

How long have you been couponing?

  • I’ve been using coupons since I was 18 and my mom was sending me to the grocery store to shop for the family….of course at the time she didn’t know I was using coupons and I would pocket the savings.  My kids won’t be able to pull that trick on me!  How long have I been using coupons like a woman possessed?  About two years now.

What else do I need to know about you?

I have a question about using coupons – where do I do that?

You can submit your coupon questions here and I will try to answer it in a post as soon as possible! (but you might also want to check out my Coupon 101 Section and my posts about Coupon Ethics to see if your question has already been asked & answered!

You seem cool!  I want you to promote my product!

  • Please know that I get at least 50 emails per day asking me to promote their latest iPhone app, weight loss product or (I swear this is true) “pole for mom to learn how to pole dance”.  I can’t promote everything and I will only promote those sites/products that I think are relevant to my readers.  You can submit your pitches here and hope for the best!

Why didn’t you answer my email? There are a few reasons that could have happened

  • You emailed me in ALL CAPS. Those get deleted the moment that I open them. Your entirely relevant and legitimate question was lost by you not knowing basic email etiquette.
  • You asked me how you can decode coupons. I instantly hate you.
  • You emailed me bragging about photocopying coupons. I want to turn you in to the police!
  • You asked me how you can use 8 coupons on a single product.
  • You are a PR person who emailed me thinking that I can’t WAIT to promote the latest thing in support hose or Viagra.
  • You are a PR person offering me a free $0.99 app, as long as I write 250 words about it, Tweet it 4x and post it to my Facebook page.

Any more Questions?

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