5 Foods That Will Help Prevent Bad Breath


5 Foods That Will Help Prevent Bad Breath

We’ve all been there, you get all dressed up and head out to do something fun and new. Your hair is perfect, you remembered to bring your wallet, cell phone…what are you forgetting? Then in your mind you picture that toothbrush you left on the counter, waiting to be used.

Bad breath happens to everyone! But once you get to where you are going, here are some things to look for to fresh up your breath, and prevent bad breath. No brushing, flossing, or dental gum required.

Cinnamon Sticks – Take a quick bite of a cinnamon stick to kill the bacteria in your mouth. Not only will it kill the bad smell but you will smell warm and comforting, like a fresh cookie.

Dill – Eating a little dill can mask the odor of bad breath quickly. If you can’t find dill at where ever you are going, look for a dill dip. Yogurt is also proven to fight bad breath.

Water – You might even have a water bottle in your car! Swish water in your mouth for about 20-30 seconds to clean your mouth and tongue. Repeat if necessary.

Cheese – Did you know that cheese can fight plaque and fight mouth odor? Pick up a few pieces of cheese to snack on and your bad breath should disappear.

Apples – Apples will not only freshen your breath but they will also help whiten your teeth and clean off any plaque.  Eat these regularly to not only help improve your breath but to save you from a trip to the dentist.

These methods are a little unconventional but they should work if you are in a bind. Apple breath would be much better than bad breath!

What are some unconventional ways you’ve used to prevent bad breath without brushing or flossing your teeth? Have you tried any of these methods and have they worked for you?