5 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day On a Budget

ways to celebrate fathers day on a budget

Dad is an important part of your family, and thanking him for all his hard work doesn’t have to be difficult if you try one of these five ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget. With a little work and creativity, you and the kids can give Dad a day h won’t soon forget.

Make Your Own Cards

The kids can tell dad how much they love him better than any store-bought greeting card. Make this a project that the kids can do while Dad is away at work, and let them surprise him when he wakes up on Father’s Day with a cup of coffee and sweet, homemade cards.

Take in a Minor League Baseball Game

If the dad in your life is a baseball fan, take him to the local farm team to watch a game. The tickets are much cheaper than those for major league games, and the stadiums usually have Father’s Day promotions. Let the kids “take” dad to the game as their gift to him, and let the whole family spend a day at the ballpark.

Make His Favorite Meal

Choose one of his favorite meals that is easy to prepare, and let the kids help make the feast. With your supervision, they can create a simple yet delicious meal that dad will love and appreciate. You may want to consider baking a cake or cupcakes as well, and let the kids do the decorating.

Give Dad the Day Off

Give the kids a mission to wait on dad for the duration of the day. They can make a coupon book out of construction paper that entitles Dad to foot rubs, snacks, control of the remote for the television; anything that he might normally want that is within reason, the kids can offer up as a gift to dad.

Plan a Movie Marathon

Choose a few of his favorite movies—that are appropriate for the kids—and have a movie marathon. Make popcorn, hot dogs, and other theater-style treats, and enjoy the day on the couch as a family. You can even shop for cute popcorn bags at your local arts and crafts store to add the perfect movie theater touch to this idea.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate Father’s Day. These five ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget will show Dad how much you care without taking a dent out of your bank account.