How To Save On Back To School Clothes


Back to school shopping can be extremely expensive! However, it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to lessen the burden of back to school shopping all while getting your kids the clothes they want!

We as parents often purchase items that are wants and not necessarily needs. If you are on a tight back to school shopping budget, you will want to make your budget stretch as far as possible.

How to Save on Back to School Clothes – 6 Tips!

Avoid the Mall

If at all possible try to avoid shopping at the mall for back to school clothes. The malls are usually packed with high-end, over-priced clothes! Yes, the mall offers the name brand clothing most kids want but you can get a better deal at other stores.

Try shopping at stores like Marshalls, Kohl’s and Ross. You can typically find name-brand clothes at heavily discounted prices. You will have to spend a little more time going through all of the clothing racks, but you might be surprised at the great discounts you find!

Shop Online with Coupon Codes

Why leave the house at all? If you know your childrens’ sizes, head to the websites of their favorite stores and order them online! We will be seeing plenty of great sales on Back To School clothing and you can often combine those sales with the coupon codes that you will find in my Online Coupon Codes database!

Thrift Shops

There was a time when the word “thrift shop” was a dirty word, but that time has passed! In fact more and more kids are wanting to shop at thrift stores. Your dollar can stretch a lot further at a thrift shop and this gives you a chance to encourage your child to develop their own style.


If your son or daughter is determined to wear the latest designer jeans, check out Craigslist and eBay before you give in! Spend an hour or so browsing the listings on eBay and Craigslist. You might be pleasantly surprised at the amazing deals you can find on both of these sites.

Check Your Current Inventory

More than likely your children will need new socks, shoes and underwear every year. However, they might not need a new backpack, shorts or shirts. Go through your son or daughters current clothes to see what they truly need!

Also keep in mind that most schools start school in August, which means in most parts of the country kids are still wearing summer clothes. Summer clothes are typically cheaper than winter clothes. Let your kids start off the school year wearing their summer clothes while looking for discounts on winter clothes.

You can also pass down clothing from child to child if it is still in good condition.

Facebook Groups

Purchasing clothes on Facebook is becoming more and more popular. Search Facebook for local community groups in your area. You will probably find several and this is a great way to get great clothes for next to nothing!

Believe me you are not the only parent looking to save money on back to school clothes. Make a post on the Facebook group wall letting others know what sizes you are looking for and what types of items.

While looking on Facebook for community groups also browse the internet for local clothing swaps. Sites like Freecycle often host clothing swaps. Participating in a clothing swap is a great way to get back to school clothes for free!

How do you save money on back to school shopping?

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