Oreo Stuffed Spider Cupcakes | Fun For Halloween!

These Oreo-Stuffed Spider Cupcakes are so fun to make with your children are are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party or just as a treat for the kids!

By now you know that I have a serious thing for Oreos, although I rarely eat them plain. I prefer to either make my Oreo Truffles (especially peppermint Oreo Truffles as soon as they peppermint ones come out at Christmas) or coat them in chocolate like for my Oreo Spider Pops. I’ve even been known…

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Orange Creamsicle Cake Recipe

Creamsicle Poke Cake Recipe

You know how you go to parties and people bring a side or a dessert and you just feel like you are seeing the same fruit salads, potato salads and broccoli salads over and over and over again? Well, this orange creamsicle cake recipe can provide some much-needed variation to the typical backyard barbecue dessert…

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Maple Cupcakes With Sweet Maple Frosting | Fall Cupcake Idea


When the weather starts to cool down, few things scream “Fall!” as much as the flavor of maple. I am always looking for the best cupcake recipes that I can find and this one is perfect for entertaining because it is a  It’s just the perfect taste on a chilly day. Pair the maple flavor…

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Oreo & Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies Recipe

Brownies Recipe Stuffed With Oreos and Peanut Butter

Ok – this brownies recipe is not for the faint of heart….or at least, not for someone who doesn’t seriously like chocolate. The good thing is that they are so rich and decadent that they are the ultimate on portion control. One of these brownies is enough for anyone! For this recipe, I am just…

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Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Filled Cupcakes


Ok – how delicious do these cupcakes look? With the weather getting cooler, the kids are asking for hot chocolate almost every day. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows? GOOD. Cupcakes? GOOD! Even better? A combination of the two! Your kids are going to love these (and you probably will as well) and they are fairly easy…

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Oreo Stuffed Cupcakes with Cookies and Cream Frosting | Easy Dessert Recipe

Cookies and Cream Frosting

These are so fun to make (especially with the kids) and if you use a boxed cake mix, can be such an easy dessert recipe.  Make these for a birthday party, a party at your kids school or even just a surprise treat for the kids when they get home from school! Now, of course,…

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Caramel Apple Cupcake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

caramel apple cupcake

If you are looking for a fall dessert idea, look no farther than these Caramel Apple Cupcakes! It combines your favorite fall flavors with the fun of cupcakes! For the frosting and drizzle, you can either use store-bought caramel, or you can use my homemade caramel sauce recipe. Caramel Apple Cupcake with Caramel Cream Cheese…

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Brownie Bite Mummies | Spooky Brownie Cupcakes!


Need another idea for your Halloween party or just a treat for your kids?  These mini brownie cupcakes can easily be made in to mummies with just a few extra steps and everyone will love them! Icing them to get them to look like mummies is pretty simple.  It can be piped using just a…

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Halloween Cupcake Ideas | Candy Corn Cupcakes + More!

halloween cupcake ideas

I love Halloween and my children love cupcakes, so at this time of year, I love looking for new Halloween cupcake ideas!  These candy corn cupcakes are so easy to make and everyone will just love them! To make them, you will need: For the cupcakes: 3/4 cup granulated sugar 5 tablespoons butter, softened 1…

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How To Make Twinkies at Home | Twinkie Copycat Recipe


If you haven’t heard, Hostess announced today that they are liquidating the company and have ceased all operation. While experts believe that someone will eventually buy up the Twinkie brand/recipe and bring them back to the markets, in the meanwhile, reports are that stores have been completely wiped CLEAN or Twinkies, HoHos and Ding Dongs…

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