Mea Culpa

I know that you people are waiting on the grocery and Rite Aid posts this week, and I am SO sorry that they have yet to be posted. If you have friended me (don’t do this unless you like a WHOLE lot of talk about Chardonnay and non-prissy thangs) or Like Me on Facebook, you […]

Welcome CBS 3 Viewers!

Thank you for stopping by! What you saw in my interview with Ukee Washington today is real: you really can get free shampoo, toothpaste, razors and more, and I am happy to teach you how to do it!  I can also help you to cut your grocery budget, find links to hot deals and keep […]

I’ve Been So Busy Since Thursday That This Video Was Supposed To Go Up Last Night and I Am Just Now Getting It Posted

Oh Hai! If you have wondered where I have been while I was seriously neglecting this site, the answer is:  I was in New York City at BlogHer. BlogHer is THE blogging conference for women.  It is where you learn to hone your skills, network with other bloggers as well as other PR reps (who […]

A Message from Jared of Subway (and me)

Of course, this is the boring version of the video (although the kid throwing the baseball cap in the background? That’s my Thomas!). The fun version is below. Bottom line? I am in Los Angeles and returning LATE Saturday night. Oh – and hey! Have you ever travelled with 2 first-time (very chatty) flyers under […]

Hampton Inn: Win a FREE Weekend Stay!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine. Who doesn’t like a weekend getaway…especially when it includes a free hotel stay?  That’s what you could win if you enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes. Through September 4, 2010, Hampton Inn is giving away a […]

Hey – I’m on Vacation!

I’m trying to keep up with posts, but considering it is Friday night and I haven’t even started the Acme or Genuardi’s posts, it is obvious that I am failing miserably. Bottom line – this site takes 10 hours of my day each day and I am at my once-a-year family reunion (and have been […]

Using Coupons Makes You Buy Things You Don’t Need! (Couponing Myth #1)

I recently had this discussion with two  friends of mine and it was fun to see someone have a “light bulb moment”, not from me, but from another friend that I had converted to the “couponing dark side” about 2 years ago. We were outside with the kids playing when one friend asked me about […]

Housekeeping: Navigation, Giveaways and More!

So for the first time in about 3 months, I appear to be semi-caught up on my postings. So it’s time to take care of a little business…. Navigation: I haven’t mentioned this because I was working out the tweaks, but you can now find any category that you are looking for through my new […]

OK – NOW I’m back to work!

I had high hopes for getting a ton of work done yesterday.  The idea that I could finally sit upright was very encouraging. However, I didn’t take in to account how loopy all those drugs would make me! I think I was even more loopy from when I gave birth (I had 3 c-sections, so […]

I THINK I’m back to work!

First of all – THANK YOU for all of your wonderful supportive comments yesterday! When you have a website/blog that depends on very “time sensitive information”, you are concerned that your readers will be upset when you take time off for ANY reason.  Thanks for letting me know that I am not just a source […]

Next Time, I’m Writing About My Lack of $1,000,000!

So remember when, just 10 short days ago, I wrote about how I thought my daughter was going to end up at her Senior Prom in diapers? That was April 15th, a Thursday.  The next afternoon, something just “clicked” in my daughter’s head and she decided that she wanted to try using the toilet. Ten […]