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Welcome to Readers Want to Know! These are your questions answered from the emails that I receive and responses to surveys that I periodically post. For more answers, make sure you check out my Coupon 101 posts which will also include other “Readers Want To Know” posts! Still have questions? Use this form to ask them!

The following question comes from lupe:

so I have a coupon for safe way it says 1.99 limit 4 does that mean I can get up to the limit of 4 for the value of 1.99? or do I need multiple coupons? im a beginner so im not quite sure please help

Thanks for your question Lupe! We were all a beginner at using coupons at one point, so I am glad that you asked!

What that coupon means is that you can use 1 of those coupons for up to 4 items at that price. For Safeway (and other store coupons, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid), you only need to have one of those coupons and that coupon will give you the same discount for up to 4 items (or whatever limit is stated on the coupon)

HOWEVER, you need to be aware that this rule is only limited to store coupons.  At your store (Safeway), you can use 1 store coupon for up to 4 items and that is still a great savings!  But Safeway (and other stores) will still allow you to stack manufacturers coupons with those store coupons for even greater savings.  If you want to take advantage of these increased savings, you will need to have a manufacturers coupon for each item that you are purchasing.


There is a Safeway coupon for Cheerios at $1.99 per box, with a limit of 4 at that price

There are also $0.50/1 Cheerios manufacturers coupons available.

In order to maximize your savings, you want to have 1 Safeway Cheerios coupon and 4 $0.50/1 Cheerios coupons.

Lupe – I hope that answers your question!  If any of my readers have any other advice, please sound off in the comments!

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